Hive Daily Mix - Crypto - 2024-04-16

The first AI powered recap of the best crypto posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 16

Crypto Soccer - by @steevc
The Winkelvoss twins are investing in a local minor league soccer team called Real Bedford, which is heavily involved in crypto and aiming for the Premier League. The team's manager is 'Bitcoin podcaster' Peter McCormack, with big plans for the club. The post also discusses the importance of building up Hive as a community platform for crypto enthusiasts, the potential for musicians on Hive to promote their work, and the need to improve the image of crypto amidst negative news like the FTX collapse.

Web 3.0 Naysayers: History Repeating Itself - by @taskmaster4450
The post discusses the skepticism around Web 3.0 and compares it to the skepticism faced by the Internet in the late 1990s.

VIBES WEB3 Music Competition Week 8 || OriginalSong ¨Viejo Corazón¨ By @edwardstobia - by @edwardstobia
Original language: English, Spanish
A heartfelt post about the journey of creating an original song, 'Viejo Corazón,' in collaboration with a friend and the impact of music on the author's life.

Vibes Web3/Music COMPETITION/Week 8/ Cuando Me Quieras/Cover by @jpulido0306 - by @jpulido0306
Original language: English, Spanish
A post sharing a music cover of a song from the 60s by Carlos Moreno and The Great Bonfire, reflecting on the natural voices of that era.

6 COINS CHE VOGLIO ORA!!! - by @dexpartacus
Original language: Italian
The post discusses 6 coins that the author is currently interested in accumulating due to recent positive reactions or upcoming important updates.

Chop Chop... - by @acesontop
The post discusses the conflict between Muslims and Jews, with a focus on Israel's support and the potential for World War Three.

Und wieder zwei nach oben - by @xels
Original language: German
The author shares their progress in a tipster competition and aims to reach the top 5 despite being currently in 8th place.

Vibes web3 music competition week8 - by @eliany
This post is an entry for the Vibes web3 music competition week 8, featuring a cover of 'Old Rugged Cross' by @eliany.

Lo básico para comprender la Web3 para construir soluciones - by @enrique89
Original language: Spanish
Introduction to Web3 and its fundamental principles for building solutions, emphasizing decentralization and resistance to censorship.