Hive Daily Mix - Crypto - 2024-04-17

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April 17

A Look at the Bitcoin Network | Data on Transaction, Hash, Fees | Apr 2024 - by @dalz
This post provides an in-depth analysis of the Bitcoin network, focusing on data related to supply, active wallets, hash rate, number of transactions, fees, and miners revenue, with insights on the impact of Bitcoin NFTs. It also highlights the controversy surrounding NFTs on Bitcoin and the trends observed in network activity.

Vibes-Web3 || Week 8 || Music Competition || "Me va a extrañar" cover by @melor9 [Eso-Eng] - by @melor9
Original language: Eso, Eng
The post is about a music competition entry where the user covers the song 'Me va a extrañar' with a personal story and background. The user shares the lyrics and the inspiration behind the song, expressing hope for the competition and gratitude towards the audience. The post also includes information about the equipment used for capturing the content.

Conceptos básicos, Bitcoin [Subtitled // ENG] - by @hispapro
Original language: Spanish, English
A post discussing the basic concepts of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, with a focus on education and learning within the Web3 ecosystem.

DePIN dall’ALTO POTENZIALE... AIOZ!!! - by @dexpartacus
Original language: Italian
L'articolo discute dell'AIOZ Network, un'infrastruttura decentralizzata per l'intelligenza artificiale, l'archiviazione di dati e lo streaming video, con focus sul guadagno fornendo potenza di calcolo al network e sul token nativo Aioz.

VIBES WEB3 Music Competition Week 8 | Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley (Cover) - by @melissavozmusic
Original language: English, Spanish
A post sharing a cover of the song 'Can't Help Falling in Love' by Elvis Presley and discussing the impact of music from the 60s.

You don't own me - Lesley Gore (Cover by Melitza) - VIBES Week 8 [ENG-ESP] - by @melitzamusic
Original language: ENG, ESP
A cover of the song 'You Don't Own Me' by Lesley Gore performed by Melitza for the Vibes web3 Music Competition, showcasing the theme of independence and empowerment for women.

GambleFi Portfolio | Sold Sportsbot NFT & Defibookie NFT Bought! - by @costanza
The post provides an update on the GambleFi Portfolio, including selling Sportsbot NFT, buying Defibookie NFT, and updates on various gambling platforms. Playoffs Week 3 | New Rare Player Buy & In Season Rare Win (+27$ Earnings) - by @costanza
The post discusses the author's experience with, specifically focusing on their Rare Card investments and earnings from participating in various competitions.