Hive Daily Mix - Crypto - 2024-04-18

The first AI powered recap of the best crypto posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 18

The End of the Banks: This is Bigger Than Just Crypto - by @taskmaster4450
The post discusses the significance of the shift towards cryptocurrency and Web 3.0, highlighting the misconception of the battle between traditional banks and crypto.

Cook with me: Chicken Nuggets - by @generp
Original language: English, Spanish
A cooking tutorial for making chicken nuggets, suitable for both children and adults. The recipe includes ingredients and tips for a delicious outcome. The post also includes a Spanish translation of the recipe.

Macro Thoughts - by @acesontop
Discussion on the influence of Americans on Bitcoin price, upcoming halving, market waves, and profit-taking strategies during the bull market.

Vibeweb3 music completion week8: who we love(Sam smith)@dwayne16 - by @dwayne16
A participant in the Vibe Web3 Music competition covers Sam Smith's 'Who You Love' and discusses the challenges and rewards of performing the song.

¿Criterio flexible o estricto en la actualidad en el sector Web3? - by @enrique89
Original language: Spanish
The post discusses the importance of flexibility and strictness in Web3 governance, highlighting the need for a balance between the two approaches.

The CoffeeShop Prompt | Week 61 - by @cinnccf
The CoffeeShop Prompt Week 61 invites coffee lovers to share real stories and personal images related to their experiences in coffee shops.


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