Hive Daily Mix - Gaming - 2024-04-15

The first AI powered recap of the best gaming posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 15

Ragnarok Game Tutorial #1 Subtitled Video - by @gr33nm4ster
Original language: Spanish, English
This post provides a tutorial video on how to begin playing the game Test, specifically focusing on Ragnarok. It mentions a challenge set by @theycallmedan where beating him in the game could win $100. The post also encourages testing the game, reporting bugs, and hints at future gameplay aspects to be covered in a second video.

Celeste - The Phantom Resort, Everything Seems Like A Dream [ENG -ESP] - by @kuronokenshi
Original language: ENG, ESP
The post discusses the deep and death-filled adventure of Celeste, focusing on the dream-like aspects encountered in the game. It delves into the emotional escalation experienced by the protagonist and the mysterious phone calls that lead to eerie encounters. The narrative explores the abandoned Resort level, featuring ghosts and challenging obstacles. The post also touches upon the visual appeal and difficulty of the game, as well as the intriguing secrets and mini-games hidden within the levels.

This Splinterlands Season is ending Today - by @alokkumar121
The post discusses the end of the current season in Splinterlands game, highlighting changes in the reward system and the player's strategies for maximizing rewards.

Monster Giveaway: Guess the number of tomorrow's active Splinterlands players? (Deadline 2024-04-14 23:59 UTC) - by @vikisecrets
Original language: German, English
Monster Giveaway challenge to guess the number of active Splinterlands players for a chance to win a REBELLION PACK

Rise of the Pixels Launch Events: Over 2,000 $HIVE in prizes - by @riseofthepixels
Rise of the Pixels is launching with exciting events offering over 2,000 $HIVE in prizes, including liquid $HIVE, 8-bit packs, NFTs, and more.

Rust 📽 Through the Lens - by @grocko
A detailed review and analysis of the popular survival, base-building game Rust, highlighting its gameplay mechanics, legacy, and overall appeal.

Modo Gaming: Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate... Let's Finish Them 🔥🔥🔥/ Ps4 🎮 [English Subtitles] - by @fernanblog
Original language: English, Spanish
A detailed review of Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, highlighting gameplay, characters, and modes available in the game.

Ramadhanight's Special Giveaway #198 | Win Riftwatcher Series Card! - by @ramadhanight
Ramadhanight is hosting a special giveaway for the 198th edition, offering a Riftwatcher Series Card as a reward. Participants can join by commenting on the post.

Giving Ghost of Tsushima Another Chance - by @pusen
The author revisits Ghost of Tsushima after initial disappointment, focusing on the stunning visuals and photo mode experience.

Returning to planet 4546B in Subnautica Below Zero - by @juliocamacho
Original language: ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL
The post discusses the author's return to planet 4546B in Subnautica Below Zero, highlighting new gameplay features and improvements in graphics and storytelling.

My first week playing Brawl Star ING/ESP - by @maickto
Original language: EN, ESP
The post discusses the author's first week experience playing Brawl Stars, highlighting the game mechanics, strategies, and community involvement.

Splinterlands Art Contest Week 289! - by @splinterlands
Weekly art contest for Splinterlands fanart and original artwork, encouraging creativity and participation from the community.

Splinterlands | These 2 Rebellion monsters are my new favourites - by @mango-juice
The post discusses two rebellion monsters in Splinterlands that the author loves to use in battles, providing detailed information about their stats, abilities, and effectiveness.

Power and Brutality Amidst Pink and Green | Splinterlands Weekly Contest - by @hadley4
The post showcases a magical orc character in a blue skin with white stripes, highlighting its strength and magic abilities.

3 Years of dCrops - Let's celebrate! - by @dcrops
Celebration of dCrops' 3rd year anniversary with special events, discounts, limited edition NFTs, and raffles for players

Scrap Giveaway #257 [TerraCore] - by @konkester
A giveaway for the game TerraCore where participants can win 45 Scrap by leaving a comment on the post.

The Evil Within 1 | The Keeper [No Commentary Gameplay] - by @bertrayo
Original language: English, Spanish
This post provides a detailed gameplay walkthrough and analysis of The Evil Within 1, focusing on the boss battle with The Keeper.

Splinterlands Giveaway Choose a card or HSBI #300 - by @kryptof
Original language: English, German
Daily Splinterlands Giveaway with a chance to win a card or HSBI. Rules and details provided in the post.

Rising Star Giveaway 2000 Starbits or HSBI #300 - by @kryptof
Original language: English, German
Daily Rising Star Giveaway offering 2000 Starbits or HSBI with rules for participation and previous winner announcement.

Five Alive - Battle Mage Secrets!! [PT/EN] - by @michupa
Original language: Portuguese, English
The post discusses strategies and insights into a Splinterlands battle with the 'Five Alive' rule, focusing on intelligent card selection and gameplay tactics.


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