Hive Daily Mix - Gaming - 2024-04-17

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April 17

An Open Letter to the Splinterlands Community - by @blewitt
The post is an open letter to the Splinterlands community expressing concerns about the negativity and lack of constructive communication within the community. The author discusses the project's evolution, the need for a more positive and solution-oriented approach, and expresses gratitude for the project and its team.

Bar On - by @tarazkp
The post discusses the author's experience with the recent Splinterlands promo sale to celebrate the Bitcoin Halving event. They share their luck with pulling cards, specifically the Legendary Baron Fyatt and the rare Henchling Enforcer. The post also touches upon the abilities of these cards and the author's strategy for acquiring them.

BDVoter Daily Hive Showcase: #475 - by @bdvoter.cur
The post discusses the BDVoter Daily Hive Showcase and its curation project on Hive Blockchain, highlighting the support for various types of content. It also introduces a new initiative for cross-platform engagement and a giveaway. Additionally, the post features detailed guides and strategies for Splinterlands gameplay.

Why I purchased an Xbox Series S in 2024 - by @daltono
The post discusses the author's decision to purchase an Xbox Series S in 2024, detailing their past experiences with different gaming consoles and the process of acquiring the Series S.

My Buying in Bitcoin Halving Promo Sale - by @alokkumar121
The post discusses participating in a promo sale on Splinterlands related to the Bitcoin halving, purchasing promo cards, using vouchers for discounts, and aiming for leaderboard ranking

Ramadhanight's Special Giveaway #199 | Win Chaos Legion Card - by @ramadhanight
Ramadhanight's 199th special giveaway offers a Chaos Legion card as a reward. Participants simply need to comment to join, with additional entries for following the host and optional upvotes and tips.

SGS Splinterlands : April 2024 Update - by @buggedout
An update on the SGS Splinterlands assets performance after recent changes, discussing gameplay competitiveness and market value

A Call to Arms: Siege of Solace - by @splinterlands
A battle mage, Lorkus, seeks help to defend Solace from the legions of Chaos by convincing the dwarves of Grimbardun to deploy their army.

Splinterlands Giveaway +20 Scrap #199 - by @isker
Daily Splinterlands and Terracore giveaway offering a chance to win a Splinterlands card or 20 SCRAP tokens.

Hivechess Season 18 is starting this Friday! - by @stayoutoftherz
Announcement of the start of Hivechess Season 18, with a recap of Season 17 prizes and winners, details on new season rules, and encouragement for participation.

Ramadhanight's Special Giveaway #200 | Win Summoner Card! - by @ramadhanight
Ramadhanight is hosting a special giveaway for the 200th edition, offering Splinterlands cards as rewards. Participants simply need to comment to join, with additional entries for following and upvoting.

End of Season Glint Rewards - Splinterlands - by @underlock
Original language: English, Portuguese
The post discusses the end of the season in Splinterlands, focusing on the new rewards system and the author's earnings calculations. It also delves into the impact of different levels of Draws on the cards obtained.

SPS DAO Treasury Report 2024-04-15 | $8,455,438 - by
The post provides a detailed report on the SPS DAO Treasury, showcasing the financial structure and liquidity of the Splinterlands SPS DAO Community.

¿Estás Ready, Player Hive? | Semana 70 | ¡Anuncio próxima temática! - by @playerhive
Original language: Spanish, English
Ready Player Hive announces the upcoming special theme for the week, focusing on favorite indie video games and inviting participation from the community.

Gameplay Tutorial of Ragnarok Game Test Beta - by @gr33nm4ster
Original language: Spanish, English
This post is a gameplay tutorial of the Ragnarok Game Test Beta, showcasing the gameplay and providing tips for players.

How The Splinterlands Gwen's Shop Can Be Improved - by @josediccus
The post discusses ways to improve the Gwen's Shop in Splinterlands by addressing the current reward system and shopping experience.

A Powerfull Magical Lady - Nerissa Tridawn - by @yonilkar
Original language: Spanish, English
Discussion about the powerful magical card Nerissa Tridawn, including its performance in battles, market price, and potential for strategic use.

Scrap Giveaway #259 [TerraCore] - by @konkester
Terracore giveaway offering 45 Scrap as a prize for participants to upgrade and unlock planets within the game

Meriput Magician Macrame Bracelet / Splinterlands Art Contest Week 289 - by @irenenavarroart
Original language: Spanish
Tutorial on creating a macrame bracelet featuring the character Meriput Magician for the Splinterlands Art Contest Week 289.

Executioner Kayn Visited Us! TFT Set 11 - by @incublus
A detailed recount of gameplay experiences and strategies in TFT Set 11, focusing on the impact of Kayn's visit and the importance of early game strength.


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