Hive Daily Mix - Hive - 2024-04-17

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April 17

🚗World Rally Championship Croatia // April 18 - April 21 - by @lordbutterfly
The post highlights the World Rally Championship in Croatia starting on April 18, and the upgrade of the Hive rally car to a Rally 3 Ford Fiesta. It mentions the car's specifications and the increased visibility due to the higher category. The post also mentions the previous year's live attendance and TV viewership of WRC Croatia, promising videos, driver commentary, and photographs.

Earn HBD by spending HBD ✅ | Gana HBD gastando HBD - by @lunaticanto
Original language: English, Spanish
The post discusses earning HBD by spending HBD and teases an upcoming initiative with @threeshorts-mod. It also includes a personal reflection and introduction by Antonieta García.

Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8 - Beggin (Makestin) by @valenzam - by @valenzam
A participant in the Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8 performs the song Beggin by Makestin, sharing their experience and challenges faced during the process.

Changing Hive and HBD Investment Strategy - by @geekgirl
The post discusses the author's investment strategy involving Hive, Hive Dollars, and Hive Power, emphasizing the balance between them and the potential for returns.

Hive Keychain v2.3 Beta - Vesting routes security & Transaction exports - by @keychain
Hive Keychain v2.3 Beta introduces vesting routes security and transaction exports for improved account security and accounting simplification

A queue of hope. - by @mcsamm
The post discusses the importance of building relationships with community leaders to empower youth through revolutionary innovations like Web3 and blockchain technology.

DON'T WORRY (Cover)-Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8. - by @ovey10
A cover of the song 'Don't Worry' by Bobby McFerrin for the Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8, with a message of staying happy despite troubles.

A cover of the song Moon River by ProsperOnos, showcasing musical talents and sharing the lyrics of the song.

"Entrada de Bala " Consurso Musical Vibes Semana #9 - contest Music Vibes week # 9 [ESP-ENG] - by @capitandelbam
Original language: Spanish, English
The post discusses the author's experience participating in a music contest and performing a song by the band Zapato 3, sharing anecdotes and memories related to the band's influence on their musical journey.

2024-04-15 - Image upload with HiveAuth On Flutter WebApp - by @sagarkothari88
The post discusses the process of image upload using HiveAuth on a Flutter WebApp, detailing the challenges faced and steps taken to achieve the upload functionality.

Bar On - by @tarazkp
The author discusses their experience with the Splinterlands promo sale to celebrate the Bitcoin Halving event, sharing their luck with getting gold foils of the promo cards, Baron Fyatt and Henchling Enforcer.

Spend HBD: My first purchase of Vodafone airtime with HBD on hive keychain. - by @mcsamm
The post discusses the author's first experience purchasing Vodafone airtime credit in Ghana using HBD through the Hive Keychain, highlighting the ease and convenience of the process.

When you are Up, Take Profit and buy Runway for the Next Bear Market - by @khaleelkazi
The post discusses the importance of taking profits and investing in runway assets during market highs to prepare for the next bear market.

2024-04-16 - Daily Updates from Hive Witness @sagarkothari88 - by @sagarkothari88
Daily updates from Hive Witness @sagarkothari88 on his contributions to various Hive projects, including HiveFreedomDollar, The Hive Mobile App, HiveCurators DiscordBot, and Video Encoder Nodes, along with a fun share about a Philosophy University building under construction

Banks Are Done: Web 3.0 Bigger Than Crypto - by @taskmaster4450
Discussion on the shift from focusing on cryptocurrency to Web 3.0 and platform economics, highlighting the potential disruption to traditional banking services.

Vibes web3 competition week 8 / Stand by Me cover @ddsb - by @ddsb
Original language: English, Spanish
A Hive user participates in the Vibes web3 competition week 8 by covering the iconic song 'Stand by Me' by Ben E. King.

[ESP/ENG] Cordero de Dios | Domingo de Ramos 24/03/24 || Karen Manrique [Semana Santa] - by @kkarenmp
Original language: Spanish, English
A musical performance of the song 'Cordero de Dios' during the celebration of Palm Sunday in a Catholic Church.

Unlocking Crypto's Potential: Why Research is Our Best Guide - by @collinz
The post discusses the importance of research in crypto investments, highlighting the need for curiosity and personal exploration to uncover opportunities and navigate the risks.

Introducing LeoDex | Multi-Chain Swap Interface and HIVE Aggregator - by @leofinance
Introduction to LeoDex, a multi-chain swap interface and HIVE aggregator, offering L1 swaps and liquidity pools powered by Maya Protocol

Hivechess Season 18 is starting this Friday! - by @stayoutoftherz
Announcement for the start of Hivechess Season 18, recapping Season 17 results and prize distribution


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