Hive Daily Mix - Photography - 2023-11-08

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November 8

Wednesday Walk Apponagansett Park - by @tattoodjay
This post is about a recent visit to Apponagansett Park in Dartmouth, MA. The author shares photos of the park, including the boat ramp, marshy area, bridge, sunrise, marina, and Gulf Hill Ice Cream shop. The post also includes information about the Wednesday Walk challenge and announces the winners of the weekly giveaway.

Kraków - a city of rich history - by @delishtreats
The post is about the author's visit to Kraków, focusing on their exploration of the city, particularly the churches and landmarks such as the St. Peter and Paul’s Church, St. Andrew’s Church, Main Market Square, Cloth Hall, and Town Hall Tower. The author also shares their experience of climbing the tower and enjoying the views. They mention the presence of numerous sacral buildings in Kraków and the rich history and architecture of the city.

A tour of the natural beauties of Malapascua Island, showcasing its stunning islet, beautiful beaches, and different seasons

Corona Got Me - by @tobetada
The author shares their personal experience of having COVID-19 and discusses their thoughts on the pandemic and vaccinations.

Together Once Again After 26 Years: High School Reunion at Lagkaw Beach Resort - by @dehai
The post is about a high school reunion held at Lagkaw Beach Resort after 26 years. The author describes the venue, the views, and the reunion itself.

Our Short Journey to the Health Center and City Hall and the Unexpected Reunion of Mom and Her Godchild - by @ruffatotmeee
A heartwarming post about a mother and her child going to the health center and city hall, and their unexpected reunion with the mother's godchild.

Wednesday Walk along the shore of the Middle Nevka River - by @tatdt
A walk along the Middle Nevka River in Saint Petersburg, Russia, showcasing the natural banks and notable landmarks.

Back on track - by @hetty-rowan
The author discusses their struggles with depression and lack of inspiration during the autumn season, and how their dogs helped them through it.

Improvised - by @ceciliajess
Original language: English, Español
The post discusses a spontaneous photoshoot at home with the author's mom, highlighting the challenges of not having a studio and improvising with available resources.

Exploring Nepal 🇳🇵Wednesday walk to Begnas Lake (#6) - by @thefootprint
A post about a walk to Begnas Lake in Nepal, featuring images of the lake, a bar, and the surrounding nature.

Two Unique Insects that I rarely find - by @vikar
The post showcases two unique insects found in a park, including a beetle with dense fur and an insect resembling a mosquito.

Olympic Mountain Climbing - by @corvidae
The post is about the author's experience climbing Mt. Elinore in the Olympic Range, Washington, USA.

Beef Birria-inspired Tacos - by @rubencress
This post is a detailed guide and recipe for making Beef Birria-inspired Tacos. It includes step-by-step instructions, a list of ingredients, and images of the cooking process.

FITS 2023: Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Part 1) - by @gabrielatravels
A recap of the author's experience at the FITS 2023: Sibiu International Theatre Festival, highlighting the first 7 shows attended.

Traversing Landscapes - Adventures from Phuket to Tak - by @baibuaza
A couple embarks on a long journey from Phuket to Tak, encountering challenges and finding sanctuary along the way.

The post is about the author's cravings for Japanese food and their experience dining at the WATAMI restaurant in Ayala Terraces. They describe the food they ordered and their overall satisfaction with the experience.

Temples... or beaches? - by @pardinus
This post discusses the author's trip to Cambodia, highlighting the beauty of the country's temples and beaches. The author also emphasizes the importance of noticing the small details and creatures in these locations.

Lauren Again - by @bbphotography
A post about a photoshoot with model Lauren, featuring images taken in a studio corridor with a purple violin prop.

My Actifit Report Card: November 8 2023 - by @arveno
The post is about the author's daily activities, including taking their wife and son to school, working, playing games, going to the dentist, and relaxing at home.

🤖 Playing with 3 new and completely free AI-Art Tools [EN/DE] - by @travelshots
Original language: EN,DE
The post discusses the author's experience with three new AI art tools:,, and a face-swap bot. They provide an overview of each tool and share their results, including generated images and a face-swap example. The author expresses their amazement at the creativity and accessibility of AI technology.


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