Hive Daily Mix - Photography - 2023-11-18

The first AI powered recap of the best photography posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

November 18

Hello NY Flagship Starbucks! 超驚人的紐約星巴克旗艦店☕! - by @deanliu
Original language: zh
This post is about the author's visit to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in New York City. The author shares their surprise encounter with Google's headquarters and then discovers the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. The post includes multiple images of the Starbucks store.

a few more light trails - by @tattoodjay
This post showcases several photos of light trails captured on the streets, including shots of a bridge, downtown area, and a pier. The author discusses the techniques used and the effects achieved. The post also mentions the TeamUSA community and provides a link to their Discord server.

What's been happening recently in the Shire? - by @anttn
Original language: English, French
A post about the recent happenings in the author's hometown, including images of the house, trees, and wood delivery

Hivefest 2023 Rosarito, Mexico, part II - by @m31
This post is a continuation of the author's experience at Hivefest 2023 in Rosarito, Mexico. It includes a visit to a winery and a restaurant, a movie premiere, and the closing celebrations at Los Portales de Garcia.

Pizza? Anyone? - by @erikah
The post is about the author's experience making homemade pizza and includes a recipe and step-by-step instructions.

Photo session with a boy for his fifteenth birthday (ENG/ ESP). - by @randybpics
Original language: ENGLISH,SPANISH
A photo session with a boy for his fifteenth birthday, showcasing a current and fashionable style with a music-themed environment.

Tourism in Buenos Aires: Day 12 || GALLERY - by @fermionico
The post discusses a day of tourism in Buenos Aires, focusing on visiting a famous arepera called Miss Venezuela and a Japanese restaurant called Emperador Meiji.

FungiFriday - Birch eaters - by @ewkaw
The post is about the author's search for the identity of a group of mushrooms found on a fallen birch tree in Poland. The post also includes photos of the mushrooms and the surrounding forest.

A walk in the park. - by @papilloncharity
A post about a walk in the park and the struggles with power cuts, featuring random shots of views and wildlife.

Fistulina Hepatica or Beefsteak Fungus - my 100th post on Hive 🎊 - by @fantagira
This post is about the author's 100th post on Hive and features the Fistulina Hepatica or Beefsteak Fungus.

Juego de memorias para fomentar el aprendizaje del inglés en los niños. [ESP/ENG] - by @leafarp
Original language: Spanish, English
This post discusses the use of memory games to promote English learning in children and provides instructions on how to create a memory game using reusable materials.

Scratches - by
Original language: ESPAÑOL, ENGLISH
A makeup tutorial showcasing how to create realistic scratch marks around the eyes using red paint and detailed techniques.

Monomad Challenge - Fog adventure. - by @malos10
Original language: English, Spanish
The post is about a foggy adventure and showcases photos taken during the adventure as an entry to the #monomad challenge.

Antique Car Coffee Shop - by @ichsannanda
A post showcasing a coffee shop in a vintage car that has been creatively modified by local residents in Aceh, Indonesia.

Tilted Buildings While Riding the 6th Generation of the Peak Tram in Hong Kong! - by @junebride
A post about the author's experience riding the 6th generation of the Peak Tram in Hong Kong and exploring Victoria Peak.

A Brief Recap Of 2023 - Part One - by @bbphotography
A brief recap of the photographer's shoots in 2023, featuring models Jess, Rachel, Lauren, and Cazza

📸 PhotoFeed Contest - Cityscape Photography Round 53 - by @photofeed
This post is about the Cityscape Photography Round 53 contest on, showcasing the top 3 winners and providing information about the upcoming rounds.

Enchanting Lotus and Life - by @jane1289
The post discusses the enchanting beauty of lotus flowers and their symbolism in Chinese culture and human life, while also sharing the author's personal experiences and reflections on resilience and growth.

This is time for monochrome! My warm memories in cold season - by @lilideleopolis
Original language: English, Ukrainian
A post about the author reminiscing their trip to the Carpathian mountains through black and white photos

The persimmon fruit season in Moc Chau, Vietnam - by @dodovietnam
The post showcases the beauty of the persimmon fruit season in Moc Chau, Vietnam, highlighting its significance to the local people and attracting tourists.


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