Hive Daily Mix - Photography - 2023-11-24

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November 24

Extraordinary! - by @erikah
The post discusses a visit to a new exhibition which showcases various artworks, including copper engravings, paintings on genuine leather, and bronze statues. The author highlights the uniqueness and beauty of each artwork, providing historical context and personal opinions.

HIVEspace. "Just do nothing" or "just do it"? [ENG/PL] - by @hallmann
Original language: ENG,PL
The post discusses the concept of HIVEspaces and how they can be created to support the Hive community. The author shares their experience with the Kingdom Without Limit project and explores the idea of downsizing to make the creation of new HIVEspaces more feasible. They also discuss the role of tokenization and Hive's support in furnishing and provision of the venue. The post concludes by emphasizing the importance of creating HIVEspaces for the promotion and development of Hive.

Izmir Archaeology and Ethnography Museum #2 - Izmir Arkeoloji ve Etnografya Müzesi #2 [EN-TR] - by @incublus
Original language: EN,TR
This post is the second part of a visit to the Izmir Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, showcasing various artifacts and providing historical information.

A Walk in the Heights / Un Paseo en las Alturas - by @iscrak
Original language: English, Español
A post about a walk in the Wararira Repano National Park in Caracas, Venezuela, highlighting the beauty of the city and nature.

Fall/Autumn colors in Hazelwood Park - by @tattoodjay
This post showcases the Fall/Autumn colors in Hazelwood Park and includes photos of the park's colorful trees and a gazebo.

Mis experiencias por el Parque Cuevas del Indio / My experiences in the Cuevas del Indio Park. (ESP/ENG) - by @marielarc07
Original language: ESP, ENG
The post shares the author's experiences visiting the Cuevas del Indio Park in Caracas, Venezuela, highlighting two different caves they explored.

Photo Walk on a Cold Rainy Night - by @alcibiades
A street photographer describes the challenges and rewards of shooting on a cold, rainy night, showcasing a series of photos taken in Belgrade.

The centuries-old guardian of the Danube passage, the beautiful Golubac fortress - by @duskobgd
The post is about the Golubac Fortress, a medieval fortress located on the Danube river between Serbia and Romania.

Chronicles of "a Monday": From Moody Mornings to Volcanic Heated Nights - by @acesontop
The post is about the author's experience on a Monday, from feeling moody in the morning to enjoying a hot thermal bath in the evening.

Basilica of the Sweet Name of Jesus 📷 Malaga - Spain - by @avdesing
The post is about the Basilica of the Sweet Name of Jesus in Malaga, Spain. It describes the architecture, interior, artwork, and surrounding area of the basilica.

Sunset at Torre di Capo Mannu by Drone | Sardinia - by @xsasj
The post showcases a drone video of the Torre di Capo Mannu tower at sunset in Sardinia, along with the author's experience and tips on drone photography.

A Brief Recap Of 2023 - Part Three - by @bbphotography
A brief recap of the photographer's experiences working with different models and showcasing their talent

Views of Prague - by @krakonos
Original language: English, Czech
The post is about the author's visit to the Prague Congress Centre with their class and capturing different views of Prague

Bar Cafetería Paradise, el mejor para disfrutar en familia-Mi reseña [ESP-ENG] - by @im-yanizet
Original language: Spanish, English
A review of Bar Cafetería Paradise in Holguin, Cuba, highlighting its exceptional service and offerings

A post my grandfather would have liked - by @galenkp
A post reflecting on the author's regret of not showing interest in photography like their grandfather and sharing some flower photos they took

A review of the Spargus Restaurant in Slovenia, highlighting its historical premises, menu, and overall dining experience.

Thanksgiving and Pilgrims Revisited, by way of Tchaikovsky's "Pilgrim Song" and the Negro Spiritual "On My Journey" - by @deeanndmathews
The author reflects on their complicated relationship with Thanksgiving, discussing the historical background and personal conflicts. They express gratitude for the freedom to be out of step with the holiday's hypocrisy and focus on living a grateful and blessed life.

brilliant - by @corvidae
The post discusses the frustration of writer's block and the author's attempt to find inspiration through baking biscuits and making cranberry sauce.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. - by @new.things
A post about Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, featuring images of the different sections and sculptures in the gardens.

Tourism in Buenos Aires: Day 17 || GALLERY - by @fermionico
Original language: Spanish
This post showcases the life and art of two artists living in an apartment in Buenos Aires, with photographs of their artwork and their cat.


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