Hive Daily Mix - Photography - 2024-04-14

The first AI powered recap of the best photography posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 14

Brutal. concrete, San Salvador. - by @grindle
The post discusses the unique architecture of Iglesia El Rosario in San Salvador, designed by sculptor Ruben Martinez. The church's history includes a tragic event involving protesters seeking refuge during a demonstration. The post also highlights the distinctive design elements of the church and the impressive construction techniques used.

The untold stories. - by @mcsamm
The post discusses the challenges faced by children in African villages who take on adult responsibilities at a young age, the presence of boreholes providing relief, and the importance of supporting and empowering youth in these communities.

Introducing a beautiful place to watch the sunset in Mang Den - by @dodovietnam
Introducing a beautiful sunset viewing spot in Mang Den, complete with stunning photos and descriptions of the natural beauty of the location

[ENG/ESP] A short working day in Maneiro - by @taniagonzalez
Original language: ENG, ESP
A detailed recount of a short working day in Maneiro, Nueva Esparta State, combining work obligations with personal errands.

久違的故宮寶貝們 #2 你知道酸菜白肉鍋是故宮三寶的說法嗎? - by @deanliu
Original language: Chinese
Exploring the treasures of the National Palace Museum, including the famous 'sour cabbage and pork hotpot' and sharing a photo with friends' children.

Meeting about Hive over chocolate from Ghana [PL/ENG] - by @hallmann
Original language: ENG, PL, ES
A report on a meeting about Hive in Krakow, Poland, focusing on attracting new participants and the diverse group of attendees.

Frühlingsblumen 2024 - by @stayoutoftherz
Original language: German
A post showcasing various spring flowers and plants found in the author's area, highlighting their beauty and characteristics.

After the storm. - by @papilloncharity
A post detailing the aftermath of a severe storm, showcasing the damages caused to trees and buildings, as well as the cleanup efforts that followed.

Walkaround - monomad challenge - by @owdtwobad
A collection of street photography capturing daily activities in a bustling city center, despite the rush to work.

All in Good Fun😂 - by @enginewitty
A heartwarming post about a father spending quality time with his son and daughters, including a fun adult egg hunt

Masala Khichdi Recipe - by @gargi
The post provides a detailed recipe for Masala Khichdi, a delicious and nutritious dish made with lentils, rice, and vegetables.

In the same place - by @ceciliajess
Original language: English, Español
The post shares encounters with animals and nature, highlighting the beauty of being in the same place with them.

A world without shadows - by @fotostef
The post explores the concept of light and shadows through photography, reflecting on the beauty hidden in plain sight and the interplay between light and dark.

Graphics, A Special Kind Of Art - by @erikah
The post discusses the writer's experience at a graphics exhibition, delving into the complexity and beauty of graphic art pieces.

A Day of Rest and Recovery in the Garden - by @hetty-rowan
A post sharing a day of rest and recovery in the garden after an accident, celebrating the arrival of spring and the beauty of nature

Hive is my birthday; I'm glad I'm in Hive.🎉🎉🎂 (ENG-TR) Hive doğum günüm. - by @mukadder
Original language: English, Turkish
Celebration of the author's second year at Hive and birthday, reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the future.

MONOMAD - April 13th - XXXL Edition - Please Read The Contest Rules Before Submitting Your Publications. - by @monochromes
This post is an announcement for the MONOMAD challenge on PeakD, providing rules and guidelines for participation and showcasing the winners and honorable mentions.

Saturday a walk on Popes Island - by @tattoodjay
A post sharing photos from a morning walk on Popes Island in New Bedford, focusing on bridges, marinas, and boats.

📸 PhotoFeed Contest - Portrait Photography Round 74 - by @photofeed
The post is about the Portrait Photography Round 74 of the PhotoFeed contest, showcasing the winners and providing information about the theme and rules of the contest.

Momomad: Monochromatic photo shoot in the magic forest (ENG/ESP) - by @randybpics
Original language: English, Spanish
Monochromatic photo shoot in the magical forest featuring a model in a light-colored lace outfit, creating contrast with the background and vegetation.


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