Hive Daily Mix - Photography - 2024-04-15

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April 15

Vrindavan - Shri Banke Bihariji Temple, Keshi ghat and Nidhivan - by @sanjeevm
The post explores the holy city of Vrindavan, focusing on the Shri Banke Bihariji Temple, Keshi ghat, and Nidhivan. It highlights the cultural and religious significance of the place, the experiences of visiting various temples, and the unique rituals and beliefs associated with them.

Beautiful and marginal district of Istanbul; Fashion Beach (ENG-TR)İstanbul'un güzel ve marjinal ilçesi; Moda Plajı - by @mukadder
Original language: English, Turkish
The post describes the beauty and tranquility of Moda beach in Istanbul, highlighting the various activities and amenities available in the area. It also mentions the historical significance and cultural atmosphere of the place.

Exploring History and Heritage at the National Museum Philippines - Cebu - by @mxrvieee
A detailed exploration of the National Museum Philippines - Cebu, showcasing its history, heritage, natural wonders, priceless treasures, and cultural movement across the seas.

One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL places in the world is in the Balearic Islands: Ses Illetes Beach [Eng - Esp] - by @belug
Original language: English, Español
A detailed post about the author's visit to Ses Illetes Beach in the Balearic Islands, highlighting the beauty of the place and the experience of the journey.

Sublime and Beautiful Sunday playing with light - by @tattoodjay
The post showcases various shots taken in the basement on rainy or cold days, experimenting with different techniques and themes.

Prague Metro Project - Line C - Station Budějovická (CZ) - by @softa
Original language: English, Czech
Exploration of the Prague Metro Line C station Budějovická, showcasing its design and surrounding area.

Always nice to watch the mountain views. - by @papilloncharity
The post shares beautiful landscape shots of mountain views after a recent storm, reflecting on the power of nature and personal growth.

Flower Time - by @derangedvisions
The post discusses the process of flowering for different cannabis plants in the grow tent, including managing temperatures and switching light schedules.

MONOMAD - April 14th - Please Read The Contest Rules Before Submitting Your Publications. - by @monochromes
Announcement of MONOMAD contest rules and winners, along with honorable mentions and encouragement to join the Black And White Community.

Light Painting On Surfaces Part 1 - by @candelart
Original language: English, German
The post discusses the process of creating light paintings on different surfaces inspired by an art exhibition, showcasing the artist's experimentation with light and colors.

Beautiful Sunday in Alexandria Park - by @tatdt
An exploration of the beautiful Alexandria Park in Peterhof, Russia, showcasing the park's architecture, history, and serene natural surroundings.

The ultimate act - by @fotostef
The post discusses the overwhelming darkness in the world news and the importance of staying human and tender amidst chaos, with nature being a healing ally.

In wood, painted and carved. - by @avdesing
Life is compared to wood, with the idea that like wood can be painted and carved, life can be shaped by our decisions and actions.

Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 214 - by @phortun
This post introduces the 214th round of a special weekly photo challenge called Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun, with some major changes and updates announced by the host.

"Plaza Bolivar" and Other Government Buildings - by @gaboamc2393
Original language: English, Spanish
A detailed exploration of Plaza Bolivar and surrounding government buildings in San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela

The hot heat of the sun by the south sea is wonderful Happy hours with the southern boy - by @adelepazani
A heartwarming story about a family's encounter with a young boy at the beach who is trying to collect and sell oysters to support his family

Rockstar Style Studio Pphotography - Monomad challenge. - by @malos10
A studio photography session with a friend, showcasing rockstar style in black and white for the Monomad challenge

Lofoten - Wild landscapes - by @barnabo73
Exploring the wild landscapes of Lofoten in Norway, showcasing the stunning natural beauty and tranquility of the region.

📸 PhotoFeed Contest - Black & White Photography Round 74 - by @photofeed
The post announces the winners of the Black & White Photography Round 73 contest on and provides details about monochrome photography.

El Mercado de Motores, es más que solo motores 😋 - by @gorayii
Original language: Spanish, English
Exploring the Mercado de Motores in Madrid, showcasing not only locomotives but also a variety of food, drinks, crafts, and products from local entrepreneurs.


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