Hive Daily Mix - Photography - 2024-04-16

The first AI powered recap of the best photography posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 16

Dream Destinations - by @erikah
The post discusses dream destinations focusing on hidden gems of nature in Europe and other continents, showcasing photos and descriptions of various breathtaking locations. It emphasizes the importance of protecting these areas for future generations to enjoy.

成都游记:都江堰(秦堰楼、松涛古道、玉垒关、宣威门) - by @oflyhigh
Original language: Chinese
This post is a travel journal about visiting Dujiangyan, specifically highlighting QinYan Tower, Songtao Ancient Path, Yulei Pass, and Xuanwei Gate. The author shares beautiful scenery and encourages readers to explore beyond the popular attractions.

Island Escapade: A Holy Week Getaway to Tudela, Camotes City - by @rochtells
A travelogue post about a Holy Week getaway to Tudela, Camotes City, Philippines, highlighting the beautiful scenery and experiences on the island

Hive visitando Fission Studio Polanco Ciudad de México - by @josepimpo
Original language: English, Spanish
Visit to Fission Studio in Polanco, Mexico City, a house and coworking space for content generators with Bitcoin ATM, featuring themed rooms and open areas.

Uniting the archaic and technological artistic process - by @joaoparmagnani
Exploration of the artistic process of cyanotype and its evolution into unique images, incorporating elements of nature and traditional techniques

Just take the picture! - by @bozz
A heartfelt post reflecting on the importance of capturing memories through photographs, specifically in the context of mourning the loss of a beloved pet.

Zsweet Inzanity - a closer look - by @solominer
A detailed update on the growth of Zsweet Inzanity Cannabis plants, including strain details, camera specifications, and plans for moving the plants outdoors.

No clouds...but raindrops on the head? - by @papilloncharity
A humorous story about water drops falling on people's heads without any clouds in the sky, revealed to be caused by a bird bath in a gutter.

Moscow: around and inside the Kremlin area (I) - by @duvinca
Exploration of the Kremlin area in Moscow, showcasing its iconic buildings, churches, cannons, and bell.

A Minimalist Like No Other - Inspired By An Inspiration - by @merit.ahama
The post discusses the author's journey towards minimalism, inspired by their mother's simple and clutter-free lifestyle.

Discovering The Amazing Mountain Ranges Of Impasugong! - by @pinkchic
Exploring the picturesque mountain ranges of Impasugong in Bukidnon, Philippines, through vivid descriptions and stunning images.

Mono monday a few shots at the port - by @tattoodjay
A collection of mono shots featuring fishing boats at the port in New Bedford, with a focus on different boat names and details.

📷 Trip to Würzburg - by @andyjaypowell
Original language: German
The post details a trip to Würzburg, including medical appointments and exploration of the city's landmarks and cultural offerings.

Colina Isla De Bantayan ✨ - by @sassy.cebuana
Explore the beauty of Colina Isla De Bantayan, a paradise in the Island of Bantayan offering stunning mountain views, cozy cottages, and playful puppies.

"Exploring the Scenic Beauty of Campiglia d'Orcia: A Journey Through Tuscany" - by @silviared945
A journey through Tuscany exploring the scenic beauty of Campiglia d'Orcia, a hamlet of Castiglione d'Orcia, known for its beautiful landscapes and historic charm.

Istanbul history walk: Our route is Hagia Sophia Square. (ENG-TR) İstanbul tarih yürüsü: Rotamız Ayasofya Meydanı. - by @mukadder
Original language: ENG, TR
Exploration of Istanbul's historical landmarks and cultural richness through a walking tour from Eminönü square to Hagia Sophia Museum square.

MONOMAD - April 15th - XXXL Edition - Please Read The Contest Rules Before Submitting Your Publications. - by @monochromes
A post announcing the winners of the MONOMAD contest and providing the contest rules for future submissions in the Black And White Community.

Baptism of fire - by @fotostef
The post showcases a variety of photos taken in a garden, including loquats, cats, and bugs, with the author reflecting on their photography journey.

| MONOMAD | Cowboys... Cowgirls (:) # · - by @nanixxx
The post discusses modern pentathlon, including changes in the 2028 Olympics, and features images of athletes training and competing.

Photos from my walk - by @derangedvisions
A post about the author's love for spring, cherry blossom trees, and kites, while reflecting on memories and future plans


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