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April 18

Different Styles From Different Artists - by @erikah
The post discusses showcasing different styles of artworks from various artists, emphasizing the importance of mixing paintings with photos or other artworks. It features paintings with deep meanings, religious significance, and unique elements like wings and detailed patterns. The post also includes tips and guides for newbies on

把春天留住 & 装到胃里 - by @oflyhigh
Original language: Chinese
The post discusses the beauty of spring and the desire to capture it through photography. It also mentions buying gardening tools, the cost of going to the mountains, and the lack of time due to a busy schedule. The post then invites readers to enjoy the springtime photos shared by the author.

Portugal is Beautiful- Torre do Relógio e Porta Medieval + Chafariz de Caminha - by @onyfest
Original language: ENG, PT
Exploration of the beautiful city of Caminha in Portugal, showcasing historical landmarks and natural beauty

The Dallas Alboretum and Botanical Garden. - by @marnaza
Original language: English, Spanish
A blog post about a visit to the Dallas Alboretum and Botanical Garden, highlighting the beauty of the place and the author's experiences.

Cats of Ban Khrua. Catsploring Bangkok - by @x-rain
Exploring the neighborhood of Ban Khrua in Bangkok, known for its history and cat photography opportunities

Wednesday Walk an early morning foggy damp walk - by @tattoodjay
The post is about the author's early morning foggy walk, sharing photos taken during the walk and discussing the Wednesday Walk challenge.

Moscow: the Red Square, St. Basil Cathedral and surroundings (II) - by @duvinca
Exploration of the Red Square in Moscow, including iconic landmarks like St. Basil Cathedral and the State Historical Museum.

Gloria Alvarez en Jalisco Talent Land 2024 - Talent Woman - by @josepimpo
Gloria Alvarez's presentation at Jalisco Talent Land 2024 and her involvement in the Libertarian Movement of Mexico, including debates against politicians.

Getting stuck on a farm road. - by @papilloncharity
The post narrates a journey on a farm road, encountering tractors and new developments such as a vineyard being planted.

Cismigiu Park - by @bluemoon
Exploring Cismigiu Park in Bucharest, the oldest public garden with historical significance and unique features.

Early morning walk, going to work, appreciating the beauty of summer despite scorching hot weather. - by @lhes
The post captures a morning walk to work in the Philippines during the summer, showcasing the beauty of the surroundings and daily experiences.

MONOMAD - April 17th - Please Read The Contest Rules Before Submitting Your Publications. - by @monochromes
Announcement of the MONOMAD contest rules and winners, showcasing black and white photography entries.

Wednesday walk, market in Marrakesh! - by @haastrecht
Exploring a market in Marrakesh, Morocco and capturing the vibrant colors and atmosphere through photography.

First time reconnecting with nature this year - by @gabrielatravels
The post discusses the author's first nature trip of the year, reflecting on adulthood and the lack of free time, and their experience exploring a forest with flowers.

Once upon a time there was still life and a larva - Macro Perspective // Photography - by @aleister
The post discusses macro photography focusing on a larva and its decomposition stages, showcasing various images and sharing techniques for capturing macro shots.

Old cars in Venezuela - Monomad challenge - by @malos10
Exploring the presence of old cars in Venezuela and their significance in the daily lives of the locals.

Monomad ~ Shots from Recent Walks - by @kunschj
A collection of black and white photos taken during recent walks in the Texas Hill Country, shared as an entry to the #monomad contest

📸 PhotoFeed Contest - Wildlife Photography Round 75 - by @photofeed
The post is about Wildlife Photography Contest Round 75 on, showcasing the winners and providing information on rules and prizes.

Monomad: Soviet Playgrounds and Military Bases - by @namiks
Exploring an abandoned Soviet playground near a military base in Armenia, reflecting on the history and unique characteristics of the space.

Wednesday walk around blooming trees and bushes - by @vesytz
A walk showcasing blooming trees and bushes with vibrant colors and fragrances captured with a 360 camera.


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