Hive Daily Mix - Photography - 2024-04-19

The first AI powered recap of the best photography posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 19

📷 A Final Chapter - by @andyjaypowell
Original language: German
The post recounts a visit to Bad Mergentheim, specifically to the Caritas hospital where treatment for a sports accident was successful, followed by a leisurely exploration of the town, spa gardens, and historical sites. Recommendations for visiting Tauber Valley and its beautiful towns are also included.

Cebu IT Park: A Vibrant Hub of Business and Recreation - by @rochtells
The post highlights Cebu IT Park as a vibrant hub of business and recreation, describing its features, ambiance, and activities available. The author shares their personal experiences and invites readers to visit the place.

The cactus transplants are doing well - by @solominer
The post discusses the successful transplanting of cactus into new baskets and the growth progress of the cacti.

Catching an awesome sunset and reflections at the seafront - by @hoosie
The post captures stunning images of a sunset and reflections at the seafront in Edinburgh, showcasing concrete pillars and the calm weather

Colorful World - by @erikah
The post discusses an art exhibition held in a church featuring landscape paintings by Lajos Cirjék, highlighting the support for artists and the free entry for visitors.

12 months by the sea - by @eolianpariah2
A photographic journey through the seasons by the sea, capturing the changing landscapes and activities throughout the year.

Pictures worth a thousand words - by @bozz
The post discusses the evolution of cell phones the author has owned over the years, focusing on the Google Pixel 8 Pro's camera features and editing capabilities.

One can only stare in wonder. - by @papilloncharity
A collection of nature photos showcasing the beauty of mountains, trees, and squirrels, with a reflection on the changing seasons and personal experiences with weather.

Treating myself with a beach tour in summer time - by @mango-juice
A post showcasing photos taken during a beach tour in the summer, highlighting the beauty of the ocean and beach scenery.

Thursday an early morning walk downtown - by @tattoodjay
A photo showcase of a walk in the New Bedford Historic District, highlighting its preservation of 19th-century buildings and its connection to the whaling industry.

A hike on the foggy coast / photo journal - by @juliakponsford
A photo journal of a challenging hike along the coast with foggy weather and rocky terrain, encountering abandoned boat and beautiful ocean views

A Not-So-Typical Day - by @ifarmgirl
A day in the life of the author, filled with unexpected events and experiences, captured through photos and shared with the audience

Green Grass Of Home - by @bluemoon
The post reflects on the nostalgia for childhood and old times, particularly centered around the green grass of home and the memories associated with it.

MONOMAD - April 18th - XXXL Edition - Please Read The Contest Rules Before Submitting Your Publications. - by @monochromes
Announcement of the winners and honorable mentions of the MONOMAD contest, emphasizing the rules and guidelines for participation.

New tricks - by @fotostef
The post showcases the author's phone photography skills during a morning walk, highlighting the beauty of spring blooms in the park.

"Exploring the Charm of Buonconvento: A Journey Through Tuscany's Hidden Gem" - by @silviared945
Exploring the village of Buonconvento in Tuscany, a hidden gem with medieval walls and historic buildings

Wednesday Walk: Exploring the Tranquil Beauty of Cox's Bazar's 'Jhau Bon' Mangrove Forest. - by @rem-steem
The post narrates a peaceful walk through Cox's Bazar's Jhau Bon mangrove forest, highlighting the serene beauty and unique ecosystem of the area.

An unusual art exhibition - Ceramics and contemporary art 📷 Malaga - Spain - by @avdesing
A detailed exploration of an unusual art exhibition in Malaga, Spain, showcasing ceramics and contemporary art by two different artists.

The first time so close to the Elephants at Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal - by @louis88
A recount of the author's first close encounter with elephants at an elephant sanctuary near Bangkok, reflecting on the joy of interaction and the ethical complexities of wildlife tourism.

Recuerdos de Guadalajara Caminata en la gran ciudad - by @gr33nm4ster
Original language: English, Spanish
A recap of a visit to Guadalajara with insights into the city's landmarks and experiences, ending with a farewell and anticipation of a next visit