Hive Daily Mix - Trending - 2024-04-15

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April 15

Second Hive Workshop.. Focused to the Hotel Sector and Entrepreneurs [Esp/Eng + Sub Eng] - by @omarcitorojas
Original language: Spanish, English
The post discusses the successful second Hive workshop focused on the hotel sector and entrepreneurs. It highlights the key points covered in the workshop, including the use of HBD for payments, different payment methods, and future plans for workshops and alliances. The post also mentions the positive impact of previous initiatives and the potential for growth in the region.

Tofu Basil And Tomatoes With Spicy Sweet Sauce - by @anggreklestari
The post shares a recipe for Tofu Basil And Tomatoes With Sweet Spicy Sauce, utilizing ingredients like tofu, tomatoes, basil, garlic, sweet soy sauce, and chili sauce. The author also introduces themselves as Anggrek Lestari, an Indonesian fiction writer turned full-time content creator.

A new page of my sketchbook: the sweet duck (oil on paper) - by @silviabeneforti
A quick artwork of a sweet duck painted with acrylic colors and white ink on paper, inspired by a female Aix Sponsa duck

A Look at the Hive Debt | Data On HIVE/HBD Supply, Historical Debt, HBD Performance | Apr 2024 - by @dalz
The post delves into the importance of the Hive debt for the Hive ecosystem, detailing its calculation, historical performance, and impact on the stability of HBD.

Celeste - The Phantom Resort, Everything Seems Like A Dream [ENG -ESP] - by @kuronokenshi
Original language: English, Spanish
The post explores the theme of Celeste - The Phantom Resort, highlighting the dream-like nature of the adventure and the mysterious story behind it.

Don't touch our Jacarandas - April Fool's Pranks - by @lizelle
The post discusses April Fool's Day pranks, reminiscing about past experiences and sharing current jokes related to the day. It also touches on the significance of Jacaranda trees in Pretoria and the history of April Fool's Day.

The Journey of Sleep: Balancing Rest, Responsibility, and Dreams - by @nkemakonam89
Exploring the journey of sleep, from balancing rest and responsibilities to navigating dreams and their impact on daily life.

Organic Curation report - Week 15, 24 - by @leo-curation
The post is an organic curation report for Week 15, 2024 on InLeo, showcasing top-quality publications curated by Lion curators.

From All Over Turkiye 4 / Tükiye'nin Dört Bir Yanından 4: Venerable Patriarchal Church of Saint George (Eng-Tr) - by @bemier
Original language: English, Turkish
Exploring the Venerable Patriarchal Church of Saint George in Fener, Istanbul, a significant religious institution for Orthodox Christians, with a focus on its history, architecture, and cultural importance.

¡Un cumpleaños mágico en Galipán junto a mi amada amiga Ashley! [ES | EN] - by @dimeilaz
Original language: ES, EN
A magical birthday celebration in Galipán with the author's beloved friend Ashley, showcasing beautiful views and a vlog preparation for the audience.

Un día a la vez: Terapia, Milo y Escuela - by @noakmilo
Original language: Spanish
A glimpse into the daily routine with Milo, the new family member, showcasing the bond and growth within the household.

Web3 in Focus:Q&A Highlights from the New Internet Conference - by @collinz
The post highlights the Q&A session from the New Internet Conference, focusing on empowering attendees with knowledge about Web3 and the Hive blockchain.

Presentándome y dándome a conocer Online.[Esp/Eng] - by @mariiale1979
Original language: Español, English
The post is a personal introduction of Maria Alejandra, sharing her background, family life, experiences with online earning, and recent involvement in the Hive community.

Recuerdos! Un momento que nunca olvidaré. [Esp/ing] - by @dime-kairapaez14
Original language: Español, English
A heartfelt recount of memories and experiences with a beloved brother, reflecting on the impact of his tragic death and the unexpected news of a nephew years later.

Sublime & Beautiful Sunday - Walking, Helping and Relishing - by @zekepickleman
The post shares a detailed account of the author's Sublime and Beautiful Sunday, including walking in downtown, enjoying brunch, and helping a friend with business transition.

Hive visitando Fission Studio Polanco Ciudad de México - by @josepimpo
Original language: English, Spanish
Fission Studio in Polanco, Mexico City is a coworking space for content creators with a Bitcoin ATM, offering various themed rooms and an auditorium for events.