Hive Daily Mix - Trending - 2024-04-16

The first AI powered recap of the best trending posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 16

Core development proposal year 5 - by @howo
The post is a core development proposal for the fifth year of working on Hive, highlighting the author's background, notable contributions, and notable features implemented. It also includes examples of smaller fixes and improvements, as well as information on payment details and voting on the proposal.

Earn HBD by spending HBD ✅ | Gana HBD gastando HBD - by @lunaticanto
The post discusses an upcoming initiative with threeshorts-mod where users will need to be subscribed to a community. It also mentions making purchases in HBD and showcases a personal journey involving passions like sports, food, travel, and fashion.

Dream Destinations - by @erikah
The post discusses dream destinations showcasing hidden gems of nature in various parts of the world with beautiful photos and information about each location.

Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8 - Taking it back to the 60's - by @edenmichelle
A submission for the Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 8 with a performance of 'Ring of Fire' by Johnny Cash following a 60's theme, dedicated to the artist's talented musical parents.

"Redemption song" by Bob Marley (cover) for vibes web 3 music competition, week 8 - by @clem1
A cover of Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song' submitted for the vibes web 3 music competition, week 8, reflecting on the power of the mind.

This Splinterlands Season is ending Today - by @alokkumar121
The post discusses the end of the current season in Splinterlands game, highlighting changes in reward mechanisms, current season progress, reward shop options, and considerations between playing in wild format versus modern format.

成都游记:都江堰(秦堰楼、松涛古道、玉垒关、宣威门) - by @oflyhigh
Original language: Chinese
A travel post about the beautiful sights of Dujiangyan, including hidden gems not commonly seen by tourists

Island Escapade: A Holy Week Getaway to Tudela, Camotes City - by @rochtells
The post describes a Holy Week getaway to Tudela, Camotes City in the Philippines, highlighting the challenges faced during the journey and the beautiful scenery of the island.

Original language: ES,EN
The post provides a detailed guide on how to repair a TV with color problems by identifying and fixing issues with the RGB transistors on the C card.

De vuelta a Econoquesos (Esp-Ing) - by @ramisey
Original language: Spanish, English
A post about a visit to Econoquesos, a favorite commercial ally for buying cheese and ham, with a personal touch and mention of family involvement in crypto-adventures.

A queue of hope. - by @mcsamm
The post discusses the importance of building relationships with community leaders to promote empowerment and understanding, particularly in the context of blockchain technology.

[Eng-Esp] Double shopping at @Lapanetteria with HBD!!!✨ Cryptoadoption in Sucre! ❤️‍🔥 - by @marcelys1
Original language: English, Spanish
The post discusses a shopping experience at @Lapanetteria in Sucre using HBD for payments, highlighting the benefits of crypto adoption.

Web 3.0: A Nail In The Coffin For Hollywood - by @taskmaster4450
Discussion on the impact of Web 3.0 on Hollywood and the entertainment industry, highlighting technological disruptions and potential future changes in content creation and distribution.

HBD Depeg - by @edicted
The post discusses the depegging of HBD and the reasons behind it, delving into the mechanics of the peg and proposing solutions to maintain stability.

Zinguini Gets Dizzy Eating Too Much Ramen fanart Holozing, Digital Art - by @deddywox
The post showcases fanart of the character Zinguini getting dizzy after eating too much ramen in a large bowl, created in a cheerful and light style.

[Esp-Eng] It's normal not to feel pretty all the time?✨️ - by @lililuki
Original language: Español, English
The post discusses the struggle of feeling pretty all the time and the importance of self-confidence and self-love.

Uniting the archaic and technological artistic process - by @joaoparmagnani
Original language: English, Portuguese
The post explores the artistic process of cyanotype, showcasing images and discussing the influence of various factors on the final outcome.

Saturday Episode: An Epic Failed Usherette Experience - by @reshychannn
The post narrates an eventful Saturday experience of being an usherette at a golf tournament awarding event, which turned out to be a failed and disappointing experience.

BDVoter Daily Hive Showcase: #475 - by @bdvoter.cur
This post showcases BDVoter's curation project on Hive Blockchain, highlighting selected content and encouraging engagement. It also discusses strategies and battles in Splinterlands, showcasing specific cards and combat abilities.

The post narrates a special day spent with best friends, including a visit to a church and a beach to watch the sunset.


I'm glad to be on this list again. Thanks for the recognition. I keep creating content because I am passionate about it. I am a hiver at heart. Happy day, friends.