Hive Daily Mix - Trending - 2024-04-20

The first AI powered recap of the best trending posts on PeakD and Hive, brought to you by the @peakd team :)

April 20

Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Retro-Games House - by @slobberchops
The post describes an urban exploration of an abandoned house filled with retro games and memorabilia, highlighting the thrill and ethical dilemmas faced during such explorations.

Vibes Web 3 music Competition Week 8/ cover "Wath's Up" (4 non blondes) by @itzchemaya😎 - by @itzchemaya
Original language: Spanish, English
The post is about @itzchemaya participating in the Vibes Web 3 music competition Week 8 by covering the song 'What's Up' by 4 Non Blondes. The post includes personal reflections on the song's meaning and significance to the author, as well as lyrics from the song. It also provides links to the author's social media profiles.

Monastery retreat - by @plantfuljourney
Exploring a former monastery in Schaffhausen, Switzerland through a detailed walkthrough of the garden, cloister, church, and museum, highlighting the historical and natural beauty of the location.

Rock Formation and Black Ernz River - Dense Forest and Beautiful Stream at Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg - by @priyanarc
Exploring the Mullerthal Trail in Luxembourg, the author shares their experience of hiking through the dense forest, rock formations, and beautiful stream despite facing challenges like rain and sickness.

A trip of nostalgia-turned-wonder through One Piece: Grand Adventure [ENG/ESP] - by @acstriker
Original language: English, Spanish
A nostalgic trip through One Piece: Grand Adventure, revisiting childhood memories and exploring the gameplay mechanics of the game.

Pilgrimage to Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew - by @baibuaza
A detailed account of a visit to Wat Phra That Pha Sorn Kaew, highlighting the beauty and spirituality of the temple and its surroundings.

Before the Ice Thaws / Buzlar Çözülmeden ( ENG-TR) - by @passenger777
Original language: ENG, TR
A review of theatre shows and musical performances at the Antalya Haşim İşcan Cultural Center, including brief descriptions of plays like 'Bloody Nigar' and 'Hairy Monkey', as well as operas and ballets such as 'la traviata' and 'la boheme'.

Tallinna Linnahall, Estonia - by @livinguktaiwan
Exploring the abandoned Linnahall in Tallinn, Estonia, a former Olympic venue that has fallen into despair and become a white elephant.

Core dev meeting #58 - by @howo
Discussion of ongoing development work on integrating Coinbase with HiveD, including building raw transactions and Rosetta API integration

Bitcoin Halving - Unstoppable Monetary Policy - by @geekgirl
The post discusses the significance of the Bitcoin halving event and how it demonstrates the power of decentralized monetary policy.

[Eng-Esp] A little bit of everything with my HBD!!! 🛍️✨ Cryptoadoption in Sucre! ❤️‍🔥 - by @marcelys1
Original language: English, Spanish
The post discusses the growing trend of cryptoadoption in Sucre, Venezuela, highlighting a recent experience at an elite supermarket accepting payments in HBD cryptocurrency.

Nadi before and after her summer haircut - by @gooddream
The post showcases Nadi's before and after summer haircut, highlighting the necessity to keep her cool in the hot Vietnamese weather.