Hive Daily Mix - Gaming - 2023-09-02

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September 2

Splinterlands Strategies: Brawl Skimmers - by @slobberchops
The author discusses their experience as a Guild Officer in a small guild called 'The people will rise' in the game Splinterlands. They mention the challenges they face with members joining the guild just before a Brawl starts and not participating in matches, thus taking rewards without contributing. The author also talks about how they enjoy terrorizing other players with their summoners. They express frustration with a group of accounts that keep joining the guild and causing trouble. The author invites new players to join their guild and emphasizes that they want players who are willing to learn and participate. They also include a promotional message for Splinterlands and encourage readers to engage with their post.

Armored Core 6 - First Impressions - by @derangedvisions
Armored Core 6 is a new game from From Software, known for their recent successful releases. The game is different from their previous titles, but still retains the challenging difficulty. The first boss can be difficult to beat, unlike other From Software games where dying to the first boss is expected. Customization options for your mech are extensive, allowing you to tailor it to your play style or the enemies you face. The game has a solid gameplay experience and is recommended for fans of mech battles and challenging games.

[Straw Plays] Judgment - Part Seven (FINALLY A SKATEBOARD!) - by @strawhat
In this post, the author discusses their experience playing Judgment and encountering various ambushes in the city. They mention getting better at fighting and uncovering more about Kaito-san's history, leading to a new case. The author also plans to create shorter clips from their let's plays and mentions upcoming videos for Starfield and CS2.

Czechia Festival and New Cards! - RS News, Progress, Packs Opening, and Giveaway #143 (WIN NFT!) - by @cryptofiloz
This post is about the Czechia Festival and new cards in the Rising Star game. It also includes information about packs opening, a giveaway, and a link to watch the video.

Luck Smiled at me ⚔ Splinterlands - by @underlock
The author shares their experience of opening chests in the recent season of Splinterlands. They discuss the rewards they received, including 200 SPS and various legendary cards. The post emphasizes the role of luck in opening chests and highlights the importance of persistence and consistency in building a collection.

Ramadhanight's Special Giveaway #45 | Win Reward Edition Card - by @ramadhanight
Ramadhanight is hosting a special giveaway for the 45th edition, where participants can win Splinterlands cards. The post includes the rules for entering the giveaway and announces the winner of the previous edition. The post also showcases the rewards for this edition, which is a useful monster called vulguine. The post concludes with a thank you message and credits to Hive, Splinterlands, and other contributors.

Ready Player Hive- La consola que más me genera Nostalgia (ES/EN) - by @ismaelgranados
Original language: Spanish, English
The author shares their nostalgia for the Nintendo 64 and Family Game consoles, discussing their favorite games and memories associated with each.

SCRAP Giveaway | Terracore | Draw #44 | - by @splash-of-angs63
This post is about a giveaway for the Terracore idle mining game based on blockchain technology. The author invites others to join the game and explains the gameplay mechanics and features.

This post discusses the War Pegasus card in the Life Splinter of the game Splinterlands. It highlights the card's abilities, such as Flying and Shatter, and provides a lineup and battle analysis showcasing the effectiveness of the card in a Standard ruleset battle.

It's not personal just business, Deadshot Suicide Squad upgraded to 6 stars🔫💰6️⃣💣⭐/GamingBear Playing from the cave🐻👾#277❗ - by @sadbear
Original language: English, Español
This post discusses the upgrade of Deadshot from Suicide Squad to 6 stars in the game Injustice 2 Mobile. It also mentions a promotion and the potential threat level of the character.

¡Buscando a mi Tanque Alemán! | Medal of Honor ~ [ENG|ESP] - by @franzzonline
Original language: English, Spanish
The post is about the author's experience playing Medal of Honor and describes the challenges and frustrations encountered during the mission. It also mentions the importance of finding a hidden bazooka and saving the tank crew. The post concludes with gratitude to the readers and a reminder to take care.

The being that navigates through fissures in reality: Astral entity. - Social media challenge (En/Es). - by @bulkathos
Original language: English, Spanish
This post is about a battle in the Splinterlands game using the Astral entity summoner, which has useful abilities such as reducing defense and granting dodge to allied cards. The author shares their lineup and strategy for the battle.

Splinterlands - Incoming new changes are not favored by crypto market conditions - by @behiver
The post discusses the upcoming changes in the Splinterlands game economy and expresses concerns about the current crypto market conditions affecting its implementation.

Brawl results: purchasing 5 Gladius cases. pulled Quora Towershead and five rare cards. - by @certain
The post discusses the results of a Brawl in which the user purchased and opened 5 Gladius cases. They obtained several rare cards, including Quora Towershead. The user expresses happiness with the rewards from the Brawl and Gladius cases.

Soulbound Reward Cards - War Pegasus - by @olaf.gui
This post discusses the pros and cons of soulbound reward cards in Splinterlands, with a focus on the War Pegasus card. The author shares their thoughts on the game's progression, disadvantages for new players, and design issues with certain cards. They also mention a recent proposal regarding the use of soulbound cards on land. The post concludes with a brief analysis of a game featuring a max-level War Pegasus.

Summer in Mara : Mun, Newer Islands & Boats - by @macchiata
Today's post is about Summer in Mara, discussing new islands, tents, boat upgrades, and the character Mun. The author also mentions their gaming experience and shares some tips. They also briefly mention playing Combat Master.

Rendezvous bei Scheinwerferlicht - 3. USR Liga Rennen - by @laro-racing
Original language: German
Highlights of our last night race in Zandvoort are now online! Vote and follow us for your support. LaRo Racing Team

Today's Progress and Activities on TerracoreHub & Buy HIVE in the Dip - by @tin.aung.soe
The post discusses the author's progress and activities on TerracoreHub and their investment in the game. They also mention their plans to improve their rank and gameplay. Additionally, the author talks about the current price of HIVE and their intention to collect HIVE to build a private house.

Mordeus, The Godzilla of Splinterlands. - by @hrichakar
This post discusses a battle in Splinterlands where Mordeus, a monster resembling Godzilla, played a crucial role in securing victory.

Rising Star New Card Day! Opening Packs! - by @clove71
The post is about the new card day in the game Rising Star on the Hive blockchain. The author talks about opening packs and pulling a Legendary card.


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