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Undelegate & Powerdown the STEEM you have left

A lot of things recently have pissed me off, so I revisited my script that was made for HIVE to un-delegate everything here for a fresh start, and weaponized it much like the Africanized Honeybees.


So this script will ask for your active key and cycle through all your delegations and set them to 0. Then it will tell you how long you have on any pending delegations expirations and ask if you would like to power down your remaining STEEM.

This one is a bit longer and a tad more complex than the ones I've been using to teach along, but I also commented it better. But think it's a tad long to share in the post, so please have a look at the GitHub Gist

NOTE: You have to set nobroadcast to False or remove it in the steem connection;

As it stands it's only a dry run, but you might want to see what it would have done if it were not.

Some of you may know why I'm in a grumpy mood, mainly how steem and it's affiliates has been treating fellow Hive Bees.

As usual, stay safe out there, and if you like what I do give me a follow, here, there, everywhere. Or just buy me a Coffee sometime.
Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM