Hive-Engine is looking for a full stack web developer

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Well, we continue to level up, and I think it's time that I bring on board an additional full time developer.

I'm looking for a full stack developer and ideally you have some sense-of/eye-for site design too.

You'll need

  • react/vue/server side rendering
  • mysql/mongodb
  • nodejs
  • familiarity with hive-engine and Hive.

80% of your work will involve both front-end and back end coding and you'll be expected to handle both with help from the team.

We're working on a number of projects, and need to push out more websites and web pages.

Dev Evaluation

A lot of devs have those technical skills, but I'm also looking for some soft side personality stuff.

  1. You're a passionate human that wants to change the world to make it more peaceful, prosperous, and free
  2. You value not only coding, but helping other humans with your code. There's an urge to support coders and non-coders understand your work.
  3. You're a self starter, don't need to be micromanged, and will push to make this thing awesome.
  4. You don't have to be the world's most social person, but I'm not looking to bring on people that have a hard time engaging other humans at all. Touch of loner is ok, actual hermit is bad.

I want to start by hiring you hourly for a bit, and then after a few weeks of trial we can see about long term contracts.

If you're interested please find me in Discord:


Damn I missed the transition from Java JSP / jQuery to full stack !
I wish I was 10 years younger I would have loved to jump into this opportunity.

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Zoomer web devs have never even heard of jquery lolol

I was probably coding before they were born :D

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Wow, this is so tempting. I perfectly fit the requirement and I always wanted to be a part of this team. But unfortunately, I cannot join right now. It is challenging for me to spare enough time working on multiple projects already.

I will keep myself up to date with the developments happening on Hive Engine like how I do now and do some little contributions here and there. If there are similar offers in the future and if I can spare some concrete time, I will jump in. :)

If I wasn't taking classes I'd be temped to inquire for backend development; But going full autist mode in coding while procrastinating in classes doesn't go very well; even if classes these days are a joke compared to 20 years ago.

What is a stack developer?

stack just refers to the literal "stack" of technologies used, like a stack of wood. So full stack in context means end-to-end capabilities without need of any other dev in the process. Id say this distills down to being able to do frontend, backend, and devops for web.

thx. I can make things work; I just can't make thing pretty.

I’ll spread the news

Im not a dev but #HIVE is awesome can I still join your discord and see what its all about?

This is a good chance to work with the Hive-engine team but I already have multiple responsibilities in my office. I may recommend someone for this.

Well done!

If I knew react/vue/server site rendering/mysql/monogodb/nodejs/how to code I would apply... I fit all the personality stuff, just have no clue how to do any of the actual work you need done. Go Hive-Engine!

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I fit this reasonably well, although lacking a bit on the human side. I'm a hack coder, though. I wouldn't even employ me. 😅