Hive-Engine launches delegation leasing - RC and HP

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Hey folks. Quick shout out about a new feature for the website. You're now able to lease RC and HP through the site. Click on the lease button and either create or fill an order.

Thanks to the 20-30 people that have been testing and using this for the past week as we get started with a slow launch.

Benefits of RC - lots of on chain transactions, lots of new account creation tokens
Benefits of HP - above + voting power and influence on chain

I've used lots of tactics to grow my audience over the years. HP delegations and active curation and engagement is generally the best. So, if you're looking to expand your reach on Hive that's a good suggestion.


Will be interesting to see how will the RC market develop


I have a small question, do we delegate or does the other person delegate? So do I give 500 HP or do I rent 500 HP?

I need to read up more about this, as my low RC is very restricting at the moment (being a fairly new account). RC Leasing could be a good solution for me! 👌

I've gifted you an RC delegation until the end of December to help you find your feet. Use it or lose it.

That's really awesome , so much appreciated 👍 !LOLZ !PGM

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Already joined the fun over the week

It's great to see the first market for RCs!

Is there a link ? or am I just stupid - guess i try searching for it :) - Never mind duh

Thanks for letting us know. Another way to earn passively from Hive. I just leased to the person at the top of the list. 7.6% APR works for me for 4 weeks.

( also got a market with higher APR) =P

Thanks for the update.
Would you know the reasons why certain token rewards would not claim? I assume it is an issue on the token end and not from H-E, but I wanted to ask the general potential causes for this. Will research regardless. Thanks.

Is RC delegation already working? when clicking a offer nothing happens but the 5-minute-countdown. -> Keychain pop-up asking for key permission only comes up when accepting an offer for Hive Power