Hive-Engine tokens in Ecommerce (wordpress): pay with tribe coins!!!

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Ok, so, this was a very cool week. @roomservice went ahead and did a migration project to get the woocommerce site plugin that works for Steem to be functional for Hive. As soon as I saw the post I messaged him and asked if he could get it working for Hive-Engine. The short answer is yes!

What's this plugin do?

You can see in the above image how with the plugin you're able to accept not only HIVE and HBD as a merchant you can pick and choose various Hive Engine tokens as well. Want to have them pay in PAL? Go for it. Want them to use LEO? sure thing! The merchant gets to choose which tokens they'll accept for payment.

With this plugin you can now make a pretty mainstream woocommerce (wordpress) website and start accepting tribe tokens!!!

The business loop

This to me is huge, because it's one of the first steps of closing the business loop.

  1. Setup a tribe
  2. reward authors with tribe tokens for blogging about your project
  3. accept it back as value through the site

Previously, step 3 had been missing, so people were blogging to get tokens with the hope of having more tokens. Tokens for tokens sake isn't really all that cool. However, if you're able to buy/sell goods over the internet with a website that you can setup in minutes using the tokens you've established then that's hawt. Use the blog to get eyeballs, reward them with actual stuff, and use the eyeballs to grow your business. If you're the blogger you're not just getting tokens, but now you're getting tokens that can buy stuff.

I've started a bunch of businesses now, and in my experience getting new customers tends to be the hardest part. This loop can put the word of mouth stuff on steroids. Consider how much Splinterlands was able to grow with no formal marketing budget. We just used micropayments through voting to get a shit ton of content created non stop for 2 years. Imagine using out of the box tools that are already used and implemented heavily on the internet for you to be able to do the same thing!

Anyway, for getting it done I sent @roomservice a 1000 HIVE and voted his witness. I plan to send more as things progress further along. If you're a tribe owner and end up opening up a woocommerce site because of this I strongly suggest you tip this man and vote his witness.

If we start seeing a lot more economic activity on Hive shortly, again, props and credit to the Hive-Engine devs and now roomservice for this much desired upgrade.


I already have this installed... And just reinstalled... Still no tribe tokens, only HIVE and HBD... I am assuming it is still in progress? My people are wanting to pay in WEED and I want to accept LIST as well!

This is the teaser. Going live "soon"

Well you teased the hell out of me, lol. Waiting on pins and needles!

Still need one or two days to mess around with a few bugs.
Update is just around the corner, please bare with me :)

No worries man! You are seriously saving me some major time and headache because I was about to try and tackle this plugin myself with some super rusty coding skills, lol. Thanks for the hard work!

Thanks @roomservice for the hard work! Just tipped you some LIST tokens!

Awesome thanks!

This is fantastic I want to do this with my next website update @aggroed When you say Tribe that means Community, I should set up a community? and do I create a token separately using Hive-Engine or is there a mechanism to create a token from within the Tribe/Community? I am just trying to understand it all better before I create the new Hive Engine token.

This is huge! I knew this was coming, but I didn't realize it would happen so fast. Big thanks to @roomservice and everyone. I just voted @roomservice for witness and will be tipping as well. Thanks for making this happen for tribes @aggroed! And thanks for being ready to go with the weedcash store @thelogicaldude! This is the next logical step for creating value with these tokens. I am so pumped about this!

@aggroed WoW Amazing. Hive Community will be number 1 :))

super cool! This is what we need: usecases for Hive

The hive blogs are not only good for SEO now we can start tying in e-commerce as well... this is a major step in the right direction. It's just about getting people curious about this weird crypto stuff that is popping up all over the place

Isn't that a very large baby grow rather than a T shirt?

All my T-shirt snap under my crotch. It holds the shirt down so you don't get plumbers crack.

@aggroed This is super cool news. It won't be long now before people start to realize that the "market" (not the government) decides what "money" is and how to best use it.

I've been snickering about this comment all morning.


Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing this in operation.

WOW !! That will bring much more value to the tokens

One question. Will that plugin be free to use to Wordpress? It would be fun to integrate it in my mini-store. Just to make people wondering what this is.

Yes of course open-source and free to use.

Awesome. I was wondering how to connect HIVE with e-commerce. This will be a good presentation of what HIVE can do.Kudos to you @roomservice!

This is really good news. Soon tribe tokens can buy items on Amazon using our service. A good sink for Tribe tokens.

It is beginning to get exciting up in here!

@roomservice did an amazing job -- this is incredible to also see tribe tokens going into action! Personally, LEO has been grabbing my attention lately, so this would be awesome to enable this in the near future.

Voted witness from @nulledgh0st!

Dope I know we say this all the time but this one is for real a game changer

What a cool initiative. Well done, @aggroed.

This is too dope. I’ve got to get a Wordpress site together

This is great