Hive-Engine Update

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We have the backend operational on Hive for hive-engine. Working on the front end next. Non-zero chance is alive in March.

post rewards set to burn.


that face when somebody flags a burned post...

They don't want as many tokens to be burned, apparently! LOL

Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people
So meet me at the mission at midnight
We'll divy up there

Only cat can have that face

Awesome, also need @splinterlands on Hive :)

Definitely, with Steem's nodes constantly being down it's hard to enjoy the game now.

When splinterlands goes to HIVE that when I'll be selling my account.

Could you possibly add more decimal places to the market, it was kind of hard to get a true reading for most token prices with only 5 decimal places in SE.

Just saw someone mention Hive Engine on Discord.

Eager to see what next!


Thanks for the very substantial amount of work you have put into this!

Non-zero chance is alive in March


But seriously, looking forward to the launch.

steem engine it's not the same as hive engine??

Non-zero chance is alive in March.

Or a 100% chance that it is alive in March. 😀

Nice, looking forward to it.

Lol well 0 change is more than I’m giving my counties currency of lasting

I am curious about the "new" engine :-)

Really great work.

Woot :)

That's fantastic news!!!

Whoa. Cool. Nice work.
Excited to see the evolution.

Hurray. Awesome news 😀👍

Hmmm, ok.
Does this have anything to do with why is down right now, and so often lately? It's really hard to access funds.

Excellent news!

now i will be able to bet with my hive too on hive casino dapps

@aggroed Why can't I log into Steem-Engine , life sucks enough right now as it is, now we have to deal with so many things not working properly now on the Blockchain! Is there a new link we need to use now for Steem- Engine !? 😮😵

give it time I can confirm I was in steem-engine last night and successfully purchased tokens

yes it was working for me last night too, but all day today I can't log in.

I have to refresh a few times. Steem doesn't seem like the most stable network these days. It's almost like all the people who knew how to run it suddenly vanished and moved to a different blockchain :P