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Well, I'm really excited to announce that allows users to mint NFTs! Previously you could shop through the various NFT projects already built on Hive-Engine, but you couldn't actually mint anything. Now you can mint NFTs.

Why would I mint NFTs here?

There are a few other sites we've created and that third party developers have created to mint NFTs, but so far they are fairly specific. is for photography, is for art, and games like DCity mint NFTs specifically for their game. There's not a great place to mint recipes, family photos, silly dances, or whatever else the human collective wants to create and store. For that reason if you have NFTs that don't fit in elsewhere here's a great place to do it.

What does it cost to mint NFTs here?

Well, before you get started you a one time registration fee of 100 BEE. This allows us to whitelist (allowlist) your account. From there you have the ability to mint new NFTs. The first of an edition costs 10 SWAP.Hive to mint, and additional editions (prints) costs 2 SWAP.HIVE each.

Can you take my NFT down from the backend?

No, these are decentralized blockchain based NFTs. Only getting the majority of top witnesses to hardfork to specifically remove your NFTs will get them off the platform and then has to follow that fork. I don't see that happening just for your NFT... so I'm going with "no."

Can these be taken down from

Yes, your freedom of speech and ownership is protected on the decentralized backend, but is a private front-end. This means we have some discretion in terms of what we show. In our case if you're minting things that involve people and don't have their consent your token could be taken down, if you're inciting violence your token could be taken down, if your work involves sexual content of minors it'll be taken down. If the cases are egregious we'll blacklist (denylist) you and your work will be removed from the front and and you won't be allowed to post anymore.

Will these show up in the rotation of NFTs?

YES! Your work will be rotated in and people will be able to purchase them directly on the site. Each will have it's own link too so you can shill your stuff on social media.

Are there gas fees?

NO! There's a minting (10 Hive then 2 there after) fee and a market fee (10%), but there's no gas fee. So, you don't have to worry about minting a $20 piece of art with a $120 gas fee! Hooray!

What's coming next?

Next up we're working on deploying the pack manager contract. This will allow users to put out entire sets. So, go ahead and get your HivePunks ready. Make twerking frogs. Get your game packs ready for sale. You'll be able to mint packs and have people get a subsection of the collection in each pack. Powerful stuff!

This is expected to take 1-2 weeks. So... you may not want to delay and be one of the first ones out there.

What's after pack manager?

Well, the whole goal is to get to tribes 2.0. So, we need to add blogging to tribaldex. That's a big project, but after that we can start forking tribaldex and allowing tribes to get their own version of the website rolling out. Have your own dex interface, have your own pools, have your own NFTs, sell your own packs. You're gonna have so much power in your hands!!!

Please support our work!

Use the DEX
Get farmfarmer and Mythical Farm NFTs
Purchase BEE and WORKERBEE
Make NFTs
Exchange on the market
shill your own goods


Just my opinion but 10% is a lot for an automated process and will turn a lot of people off. Would it not be best to aim to recover development costs via large volumes (at lower rates) than hitting early adopters with high fees? If you look at other industries you pay 10% to a boat broker who actively spends months showing people your boat, hosting online advertisements, driving around talking to people, talking on the phone and in person and being there for a survey etc. So 10% seems to be a bit out of wack to me for something as automated as this (unless your hosting videos as NFTs which would be higher storage and bandwidth costs over the long term). I would support higher fees if there was associated marketing, but with platforms like Lensy I am yet to see any platform promotion and the platform sits there with a fraction of its potential being utilized. Stock photography sites claim higher % fees as they control the client base (if you want to sell you have to be on the site); but at the moment it seems one has to bring their own buyers to the site as well. Don't take this the wrong way; I am keen to see sites like this and Lensy succeed; but they need exposure somehow.

Add Blogging TRIBALDEX? Wow! That's a huge project! I will wait for that!

How about minting your Tweets as NFTs or any URL as an NFT?

or, dapplr, or your blog?

This is almost too much to take in at once. Awesome job!

What is the market cap and number of users for this platform?

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I still have a lot to learn about NFTs and other projects that do NFTs.
How does this compare to what other platforms are offering? And how are there fees on other platforms?

the pack contract is awesome! I haven't seen that in any other platform so far.

on Wax currently, it's almost free of charge (a bit of wax should be staked for RAM). Hard to compete in that case. Also, We are struggling here with a lack of Artists with big names joining on NFTSHOWROOM and dropping their art, to promote it across their communities. It's the thing that Nifty Gateway does. It's a huge piece of job, to get artists wanna drop on the specific marketplace, we have the product, but we don't have any sales... everything is on the ETH no one cares about the gas fees

I proposed an artist to reach on the Discord, but, seems nftshowroom guys seem not interested.

not sure how to easily get wax to test it out. Have any i can trade for some hbd/hive? haha

I can send you some lol)
Huobi got Hive \ USDT and WAXP \ USDT

Next up we're working on deploying the pack manager contract.

Yay! awesome!


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