Figuring out the Polarbears in existence it won't be an easy task

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Polarbears are almost extinct in the world it's actually a sad thing first of all the food is scarce you're always cold and it can get lonely sometimes. I mean how many times do you think a polarbear could catch a fish 🐠 that a polarbear can eat on. Luckily these polarbears are different from the Arctic wildlife. Right now there are between 20 to 30 thousand polarbears in the world and so will there be the amount of polarbears on hive 😊. That's right whatever amount of polarbears that we could come close to the amount (won't be perfect) will exist on HIVE. Also I think this would be the time to create some polarbear NFTS for the existence of our lovely polarbears! In fact I'm just going to jpeg this shit now, oh did I say shit as in the shit here hold on.


Here is a lovely jpeg you can steal, download and create a NFT oh shit did I say steal...... Not a NFT artist they wouldn't do that would they........

Anyhow I'll have more polarbear NFTS coming out 🐨 it's going to be awesome 😎 like bro and sis this is going to be so epic yes! I decided that maybe a fully planned out boring post wouldn't be enough time to finish anything but I wanted to post up about the polarbear and that our goal is to have the most accurate amount of polarbears in existence on HIVE Blockchain. Maybe if hive goes up enough we could start a project out in the Arctic and find out. Wouldn't you like to come out there and help me find out how many polarbears exist be my guest. Nothing wrong with traveling. It should be fun lots of stuff to do ya know. Anyhow it was great to get some time to post again and knowing that I'll be staying on hive forever until someone kills me or maybe I'll still be on here trading hive in a old people's center by the beach playing bingo, I really wouldn't know which would be worse... So how about we enjoy life and not be so serious because life is love and life is living and this is what the polarbear token was made for

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