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RE: Good News, Bad News, Good News: A hack, P2P, and a white/gray hat

in #hive-engine3 months ago

On reading this post, the first thing I did was to check my HIVE wallet. Of course, there should be nothing from this that should affect the integrity of my HIVE wallet, and everything is powered up, so it seemed like a fairly silly exercise, but I did it anyway.

Interestingly, I had rewards claimed yesterday THAT I DID NOT CLAIM.

I claim my rewards once every 15 days - for accounting reasons - and I'm very aware of when I do that and when I don't: the 15th and the last day of the month. But my wallet shows they were claimed yesterday???

Could I have hit the button accidentally? Of course, I could have, but I didn't even access my wallet yesterday. Sometimes it comes up in notifications, sporadically, don't know why, but I could have hit the button accidentally. Isn't there a confirmation notice when we claim rewards?

Very weird. I mention it so others can check too.


not sure what frontend you are using. but peakd has an option for notification when your rewards pass some number of hive to claim. And there is a button to claim it, so it could be that you click it.

I'm using