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Hi all,

as I said in the headline I started a Hive-Engine Witness yesterday, I love the way that the topic is evolving and this was finally a good reason to start a witness to help.
I was planning on starting a witness for the main chain years ago but never got around to really do it .. so now this is my first take at something called a witness.

Who am I?


Well, I am around here for quite a while, started back in August 2017 on Steem but was around in the crypto-verse for even longer than that.
You might know me from being part of Utopian back in the day where I was covering some roles like moderator and supervisor.
I also had some interactive Social Broadcasting shows ( I kept falsely naming them radio shows ) running together with @buckydurddle and @techslut covering a lot of topics out of the Free and Open Source Software Universe, this was broadcasted using the fantastic service of @msp-waves on the PAL Discord Server. I am still amazed at how professional you guys are :)
Additionally, I am trying to help the german community in every way I can, even though it has grown a bit quieter in the last months :)

Professionally, having studied computer science a few years back I am now working as a manager in a Software development company.
To keep working on code I have written some python bots either building an easy-to-use interface with discord and the blockchain or automatizing stuff like, well all stuff that you can automatize around a social blockchain, to be honest.

Even after all the fuzz and small disasters we had in the last years, I still think social media blockchains are something great it is just us humans that sometimes need to adapt ourselves :)

Thanks a lot for reading!

ps if you want to vote me or any other hive-engine witnesses you can use the cool tool from @primersion or the official one on tribaldex.


Go for it!

Würde dich gerne voten, aber extra des voten willens ansonsten (für mich) nutzlose Tokens zu staken ist leider nicht so sinnvoll und eine Geldverschwendung.
BTW, steckst Du hinter dem @dach-support?

Congratulations @jedigeiss!!! This is wonderful news!

Nen Vote und nen !BEER

Hey @jedigeiss, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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