When will hive and hive-engine finally lift off?

While all of @aggroed 's and @yabamatt 's work is wildly successful - especially splinterlands and the whole token economics as well as hive-engine and now tribaldex - I still feel that hive-engine and all the possibilities it brings is not even the tip of the iceberg yet.

There are so many crypto projects out there but the ones I am familiar with or directly involved in have all the same trouble:
1.) How to help interested token buyers to get their own simple easy to use wallet or what kind of crypto custodian solution there is keeping the tokens safe on behalf of the buyers
2.) Gas fees that are so high that the ultimate promise of cheap and democratic transactions simply is turned into the opposite
3.) Scalability and expandability of the technology and apps
4.) Ultimate security and good governance
5.) Too high energy usage to keep transactions rolling
6.) Cheap and easy setup of the token

And then there is hive and hive-engine that more or less master all those pain points - and yet... nearly nobody in the financial industry / crypto universe considers hive / hive-engine as a possible solution or even knows about hive.

The answers might be complex but I believe it’s a marketing and trust issue...
The marketing issue could be solved by a self-propelling feedback loop of more users, more accounts, more splinterlands players, more dapps on hive, higher price, more users.. etc.. I believe we certainly have the chance to gain lift off speed here during the next 6 months.

The trust issue is more complex.
As long as there persists from time to time the feeling as if you are in the middle of a kids clubs environment or you’re in the middle of an idiotic turf flag war we will simply chase away any real commercial interest.

Of course, you might not see the future of hive in any way related to any commercial use case but at the end money runs this whole machine... so it would definitely better to have the money on our side...

So to sum it up:
While I see signs of hope on some fronts, I guess we as a community have to develop further and act more like grown-ups to give corporate and financial people the trust to be in a good environment.

Then we might have a first big @hive-engine ICO or listing that could make the hive platform well known as a real alternative...



I was going to ask "since when to you write blog posts" but in the end I just had to check for myself. #blessed

In my opinion Hive's "killer dapp" is account recovery and yield farming bandwidth with powered up stake. We won't get a lot of attention until the mega-bubble kicks in and the hackers & thieves come out in full force. In that same vein, we also have to wait for the mega-bubble to kick in so that fees on other platforms skyrocket while Hive transactions only cost a resource that anyone can mine for "free".

I can tell you that skyrocketing fees are already a big issue for the people I work with - espcially ETH gas fees...
I like the idea of the killer dapp.. and with yield farming bandwidth you mean to lease out resource credits?

Leasing out RCs is only a small part of the puzzle.
The main purpose of RCs is to give communities/dapps security.

Any entity that has enough Hive to operate today is guaranteed to be able to continue operating 5 years from now. The same can not be said for ETH or any other network that charges variable fees based on demand with the native token.

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🙌🏻 I fully agree with you on the Potential and usability of the Hive Blockchain. Its only until I am active here that I gain to understand what Blockchain can do and why coins have a value, because you can really USE them!
📈 Lets hope that more people see the possibilities and strength of Hive and that the price soon will shows the true value of the Hive blockchain, its Apps (Splinterlands, PeakD, 3Speak etc. and its great community

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if the ethereum people knew..

In tranquility lies the power "jo

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Today I guess? But I think it's just the beginning...

Truly. Solar is the real true future. I followed you.

saludos, espero contar con su apoyo con su voto.

Have you seen any improvement in points 1-6 since 2 months ago, when you published this post, @solarwarrior?