Hive Keychain 1.8.4

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Here are some additional good news during this big HIVE pump. is already out on Firefox and will hopefully be on the Chrome Store soon.

Latest updates


A new requestProxy function can be used as follow :


proxy must be either the account serving as proxy, or an empty string to remove a proxy.

Keychainify Update

Keychainify, when enabled in the settings triggers a Keychain popup for transfer, delegation, witness votes and now proxy, when a corresponding HiveSigner window is open.

Most of my work this week was directed to update Keychainify to work when no account is specified on HiveSigner, which is often the case. When that happens,Keychain will open a popup with a dropdown containing all the accounts that have the desired authority.

Let's see an example of how this works!

(Yea, it's slow... My connection sucks today)

Other changes

  • Design adjustments
  • Resolved issue #41 by making the scrollbar visible

Next Steps

  • Enabling Hive Engine
  • Adding signTx method
  • Make it easier to import accounts to Keychain upon creation

Downloading the extension


Get the latest version of Hive Keychain on the FireFox Add-Ons Store.
It will update by itself.

Chrome / Opera / Brave

Get the latest version of Hive Keychain on the Chrome Store.
It will update automatically.

Local installation or update

  • Export your keys (from settings)
  • If you have a previous local version of Hive Keychain, uninstall it from your extension manager.
  • Clone the repository from Github
  • Right click on any existing extension > Manage my extensions.
  • Then activate developer mode.
  • Then Load Unpacked and select the folder you ve unzipped.
  • Import your keys (use the same master password)

Migrating from Steem

Once the extension installed you can make any kind of requests that were available on Steem Keychain. For this you just need to:

  • Replace window.steem_keychain by window.hive_keychain
  • Replace STEEM, SBD and SP by HIVE, HBD and HP
  • Check out the example folder

Hive Keychain


@yabapmatt : Founder - Witness
@aggroed : Founder - Witness
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@stoodkev : Lead Developer - Witness

Frequent contributors

@arcange - Witness
@quochuy - Witness

To vote using Hive Keychain, use the witness tab, or enable Keychainify.


My browser shows Is that wrong? Or did you put a minor update?

There was a minor update

I had an issue the other week where I wanted to do a transfer from a community account but I didn't have its active key set up on Keychain. I ended up transferring out from my own account as I didn't check the account details on Keychain. After all, why would you check it when you trust it 😉

It is up to the website you are using to enforce or not which username will make the transfer. Both are already possible in Keychain.

I was making the transfer in peakd. What I'm saying is I was in account Z on peakd, and when I hit transfer it took me to Keychain and did the transfer from account X when I hit ok. Granted I should have checked the account name first (but remember I'm tech stupid 😊) I thought it would have given me some sort of warning message to say I'm not authorising account Z to do the transfer.

That's great. Soon I will not be needing to see notifications from Brave about developer mode precautions.

Looking forward to when it hits chrome. Was having some issues with the default node setting and so did some of our other users on 1.8.3 maybe this will also solve that.

I don't know if you are aware of this issue but at the moment I can't undelegate Hive Power using Keychain. I have to use the PeakD wallet in order to do it.

The HiveSQL subscription had expired, sorry abt that I just renewed it.

Just tested, it works.

Thank you, that was really fast!

Anything going on with hive plus?

It is a great tool....glad to know about progress

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