The battle of the HIVE interfaces/apps

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Based on the last seven days of data, HIVE apps ordered by the post count:

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 13.05.57.png

Note that, these figures only include main posts. Comments are ignored.

There is a good fight between and peakd. Which one do you prefer?


Some there I don't know. It's great we have so many options for posting. It makes the platform more robust.

I use peakd and eSteem on the PC and mostly eSteem on my phone. The latter is gaining some community features.

Note: There are some blacklist rules implemented while fetching this data. (Global blacklist API, etc.) May not reflect the exact figures because of that. Actifit is not registered on purpose.

PeakD is may favourite - for deskop and mobile. But I'm looking forward to dapplr for mobile. I just need something clean and snappy on my phone - like partiko was.

I still favor Condenser ( but have to admit, I really like the PeakLock implementation on PeakD.

PeakLock? Just Hive-Keychanin that thing and go for PeakD ;)
They managed to create a smooth user experience on desktop. seems to be still a bit buggy and not as visually pleasing and organized as Peakd.

Addendum: one thing that didn't work on PeakD but on was creating a community :D

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That didn't work for me either, so I used beem. Like a proper terminal junkie :D

Since I didn't know about all of these until this post I use peakd and esteem currently.

Most of them are different kinds of apps instead of general-use interfaces. Good choices. Check out the other apps, though :)

I will take some time to poke around!

Huh, interesting. 28 people used Steemit? What?

Here is an example:

I think these are bots mimicking the old Condenser/Steemit interface. Otherwise something weird is going on.

Yeah, this guy definitely uses a bot:

I use Hive.Blog mostly, but the problem I face is Uploading error whenever there is heavy image upload. Then I switch to peakd. For reading and commenting I use eteem mostly.

Yes,'s image server has a small limit for image uploads at the moment. I remember reading it will be increased, though. :)

Yeah that would be great, peakd is great but I like simple UI like

PeakD is my preference.
I love its interference...

Nice data.
I mostly use peakd... but also isn't that bad.

Would be great if webmasters from each website provides some website data, like unique visitors, pageviews, bounce, etc..

Just to have some interesting additional data (users that are reading and not interacting with the blockchain)... also to improve the whole experience.

But I don't have idea who is managing and

Thanks again

Steemitri The Mannequin is better for the average user. Peakd is better once you get how Hive works.

I'm a peakd man myself on mobile im on eSTEEM, looking forward to the release of Dapplr though

dapplr looks promising, hopefully they'll release soon.

I wish eSteem Mobile will improve the app more. I still vote for it.

What kind of improvements do you want to see?

The UI looks small. Letters are looks small. And fetching content mist of the time lags. Most of the icons are unnoticeable, newbies cannot predict which icon to press for an action. Give it more color branding.

Very surprised to see topping the list. Its my favorite interface though, looks like others agree too. :)

Yeah, also my favorite.

I love @peakd
It is HiveBlog on steroids ;)

I really prefer PeakD; it's more feature rich and tracks more stuff "all in one place" than the front end... which makes it a more welcoming interface to use when marketing the Hive community to potential new members from a non-technical background.

#peakd is the best by far. You can do a lot at one place. will be in the mix cause it is a continuation of what everyone used at one time.
Long run I favor peakd for their quick update and ease of use when you know your way around.

I think the most important part of that is the fact that there were, (if I counted correctly), 27 twenty-seven different ways and means to make a pot on the Hive Block chain.

Hive has just completed it's sixth week of activity, to have 27 different posting options is great. I don't view it as a fight at all between and peakd, I hope hive block chain never deteriorates to a Netscape verse Explorer style fight between the various groups that want to build their own tools and give people various and differing methods of interfacing with each other.

The real news is there are 27 ways to interact with Hive after only 6 weeks of being alive.

27 is a good start, lets think thausands.

Very surprised to see busy there as the last time I checked it was stuck in the nether world between Hive and Steem. It reads Hive and writes Steem.

It's also sad to see. Busy had a great share of usage in the old chain.

That's very true. I wish it would come back.

There's more apps than that..where is dtube?

dtube amd actifit are excluded on this list.

I'm trying Hive and Peakd atm. I'd like to just use Hive as i prefer not using 3rd parties. however im getting probs on Hive, i cant login to wallet on chrome and brave browser. Also had issues uploading pics on Hive, any one else getting issues?
I've currently been using Peakd to change password, change recovery account and post because its a lot i say tho, i'd prefer not to use 3rd parties but i have to say Peakd works better for me.

peakd is great for reading, but I am using condenser ( because peakd doesn't handle edits well, and I am finding my transactions via peakd do not work 1/5 of the time. Although it is working now.

I preferred another one @esteemapp

Excellent article @emrebeyle for a topic of fundamental importance with the growth of Hive.