Hive Business Card Design Contest

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Hey everyone, this'll be a fresh idea we're looking for some help from the community with.
We're wanting to create business cards for Hive to start an initiative as a test run and we'd like to see the amazing artists on #hive participate with their versions of designs they think would look great on these cards.

Let's keep it short and to the point!

What we're looking for:

These will be simple business cards with 2 sides. There should be room for QR codes on both for this test run. 1 QR code with a link to for account registration (we'll include the QR code, you can use an example one) and 1 to the Discord of the community we'll be testing this on (Hive Philippines).

We're looking for a sleek design to be ready to print and mass-produce. The front side should be something universal and only Hive related. Slogans and links is something we can add in, though we'd appreciate example ones to give us an idea of how it would look on your design when you present it.

For the backside we're looking for something that'll change depending on which community/country we direct it at. For this contest, we'll be looking at test running it for the @hiveph community, i.e. Philippines. You can feel free to be a bit experimental here and we can go back and forth about details if your design is picked as the winner. The whole page doesn't have to be about the community/country fully, the main design and Hive colors/logo concept can remain but a small touch of uniqueness based on the community/country would be great to set these cards apart.

The concept:

(please note we prefer sharp edges representing (most) business cards, not like the concept below)


[Example concept provided by @rubencress]

How to participate
  1. Make a post about the process and finalized design (please also mention/source to inspirations if there are any)
  2. use the #hivebusinesscard tag
  3. link to your post in the comment here so we'll make sure not to miss it
  4. Include your entry the latest 10 days from this post to be considered for the prize.

There's a 200 HBD reward for the winner sponsored by @poshtoken and most attempts at participation will be curated through the posts by the team behind @ocd.
(vote strength during curation does not indicate the winning design until a post is out declaring it)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them! If others would like to add more rewards to the prize pool, please contact us through discord or here in the comments.

By submitting your design into this contest, you give us permission to use it in onboarding & promotion initiatives without requesting credit or further reimbursement aside from the contest prize if you're picked as a winner.

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Hi, I didn't make a post I'm just a hobbyist and I wanted to make a design. I hope you like it. 🤗


Great job, it has a strong impact!

Hey I'm glad to hear you like it thanks 🤗

Looks great!

I'm glad you like it. 🤗

I like

Hey I'm glad you like it. Thanks 🤗

saw this post yesterday and wanted to check back on it to see what kinda cool creations people came up with, before clicking past the first few that popped up I wanted to re-read the post again.
And I got to thinking...
I don't think we should promote 'hive' as much as say 'halo' promotes microsoft for example. Or speaking of what make and model my dining table is to guests who are over to play some tabletop games. If we instead shifted focus to promoting the actual thing being used, as opposed to the technology stack that powers/enables it, we'd likely be a bit better off... hive is complicated, about as complicated as the offering of google with their multiple services.
if instead the focus was on 'the it new place for filipinos to connect online', might have more power.
idk, just some thoughts I was having while reading the article again.

a small hive powered just the basic logo & text tucked in a corner is probably enough, but the main focus should not be HIVE, but the cause. Hive is just a tool used to facilitate how the community interacts.

Wow! An exciting contest 😁

Are we allowed to do collab with fellow Hive member?

Grrrrr! I challenge you!

Sure but you'll have to decide how you distribute the prize rewards in that case. :P

This sounds cool. Is there a deadline for this? You didn't add that in the post though.

Love the idea of this approach, it will make onboarding fun and rewarding for both the on-boarder and the person who is going to join Hive! Definitely will be jumping in on this contest, that's for sure.

Interesting challenge but honestly Rubencress did a fantastic job here. I like the design, it's very minimal.

Regardless I'll try to participate too :)

Thanks for this opportunity!

So this is available 10 days since the post was created, right? Meaning 7th February if I'm not wrong? Because I'd like to join as well but that would happen on Saturday (4th Feb) and I don't want to be out of terms :D

Yes you still have time :)

Alrighty, thank youuuu :)

Good evening @acidyo, I hope I'm not late for the contest, unfortunately I saw your post late, thanks to a friend who participated. In any case whether it's finished or not, I leave you the link of the business card that I created for the Philippine community of Hive, I hope you like it.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, have a great week.

This is my actual card. I wont be participating because I would win. I just wanted to brag a bit. 😂

concept 2.jpg

Nice one

Love the idea... Maybe we can do a contentest for Indians (@indiaunited) as well in the future.

Great initiative ❤️‍🔥

I think this is a wonderful initiative. I will like to try it out even though my designing skills aren’t too notch. But with a few combination of colours a sure I can come out with something unique.

As one of the top social media capitals in the world, Philippines is a great choice for testing initiatives like this. Looking forward to what our fellow can come up with. I might give it a try as well!

This idea kicks ass ngl

Now that is certainly a very brilliant idea.

But seeing that hive is decentralized.. Who would be taking up the responsibility for printing and distrubuting these?

Or once a certain business card has been chosen would it be freely available for anyone to use and print?

I do fancy the model created by rubencress

We'll be doing a test-run with @poshtoken helping with funding, if it turns out alright and we keep building on the idea, improving onboarding and making sure the users also get the help they may need early on, we'd have to ask for funding from the DHF, possibly @valueplan for bigger production. Though I can see this being funded on smaller scales here and there as well, shouldn't be hard to find services that'd print them, the main thing is how people receive them, if there's incentives enough to give them out, the target demographic, certain hot zones/times/events for efficiency, etc. Either way, we can go through the how's later on once we get going.

Nice idea! Great to see you still out here in the blockchain world @Acidyo!

Since for the back/second side main concept should remain the same and only a portion will change depending on the country/community may I suggest using Canva frames. In this way it's ridiculously easy to change just a part of the design or/and color if needed for particular country. I'll try myself to make one in that way and will post about it. Hive on.

Can we try more than one design?

Why are you editing out your posts and comments?

It's the stuff I don't want anymore.

What does that mean? What about potential SEO that might drive traffic to your old content that you've been rewarded for already, you just gonna ditch that?

No problem. It might have helped with SEO before but I don't want that content now.

Well I'll make sure to focus my curation on users who don't remove their content on a whim then.

For sure!

Is it not against the rules to include another design with another new post?

Me and @jijisaurart will have a fierce competition!

Haha! Why do you always see me as a competition 🤣 Good luck, Takuri!

Cool idea! Cannot wait to check out the creations by our fellow Hivers (who are so much more graphic design skilled than me :D)

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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @seckorama, @acidyo, @merit.ahama, @themanualbot, @rubencress, @jam728, @corinadiaz, @hivecuba, @katerinaramm, @amambay, @sayu907 ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Simple Card Design I Created:

Hive Philippines Community Invitation Card

Discord assets taken from

QR Code generated from

I made a template in Canva if anyone wants to modify it and resubmit your own version feel free to use the link in the post😊

I love this initiative I am sure a lot of great designs will come out. I am glad that I could join. Here's my entry...

😎😉🤙 those are already great looking cards! but i know the many talented artists/designers here on hive will make something truly outstanding!

and yay for hiveph too!

My thoughts and business cards and thoughts are at:


My time to shine has come XD

Awesome! Very good initiative :)

Feel free to use this #HivePhilippines logo for free.



I drew a tarsier.
used comic sans.
qr code from
Hive logo from

... I tried.

[Edit] just made for fun. did not follow the rules.

Cutieee 😍

my biggest non electric fan. uwu. <3

Precisamente escribí hace poco que estaba por retomar el diseño gráfico ya que había perdido la práctica, es momento de intentarlo, tengo el espacio, la iniciativa y las ganas de hacerlo! 🥰

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this is awesome! off to the drawing board!


this is awesome! off to the drawing board!


Wow Wow Wow
This is a wonderful and daring contest.
My entry:

Hello! This is my first time designing a business card! Here's my entry:

Ohh wow!

This is amazing, I think I’d have to try this out, Hive is indeed progressing tremendously

Good job @acidyo

I'm delighted to have joined in this contest ✨

Here is the link for my entry:

I am also going to contribute to making hive more accessible.
My design in the works. 😎

Waw. This is a fun engagement for me.
I'm on it already.

@acidyo! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ddn688. (1/20)

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I can't wait to see the winning design.

Hey y’all check my design!

My Hive Business Card Design 🤩

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Hmmm, makes me think maybe I should join. 🤔

@acidyo So basically it's just the design you're looking for... No specific texts to put aside from the Hive logo, link (including country specific something?) and QR codes? 🤔

Just to be clear, it's a business card for Hive the company/onboarding site only or for individuals like any member of Hive? If it's the former it's more like an invite/mini flyer and not exactly a normal business card eh?

There are 5 pages