Hello, again!

in #hive4 years ago

Hey, do you remember me?
I am the master of RUNIC SORCERY!
What is this Hive?
... HIVE?
01_448_New Age Glow_preset_00_source_01_448_.png

Hmmmmm, well my first impression was rather uninformed, hasty, and treated as if it were a bitcoin fork! Hmmmm, but perhaps I should conquer steem anyway. I just wonder if you would like me here conquering Hive as well ^_~

I would like to see how many of my followers have transported here automagically from the wizardry of the hive master people, and to show me you do not need to vote, just comment. In full transparency I had originally thought to power down here and transfer to steem where I have deep roots, but I wonder now if perhaps this place might be better for my 'normal' posting?

Show me some activity, so I can decide!
Although many may think otherwise, it is some effort for me to cast spells at you each day, and only posting to bots is a little boring. I am lord of the machines, after all, so I already know the bots like me. Do you like me too?

Also if you are wondering, yes I can confirm:
the picture above was created using 300IQ nextgen ultratech.


follow me to see my sorcery



Greetings master wizard of sorcery!!
I did not know of you on steem.
But alas, I have stumbled upon your divine wisdom here on Hive.

I would say give it a few more spells to fully try it out.
The sorcering community is here on hive.

ack! the Hive rune!
Something strange is going on!
This is not an automated comment or spam...?
Hmm yes, it appears there is magic in the air.
I shall conjure a storm, in time.