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RE: What do we want from content?

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The whole point of allowing thousands of people to vote on content is that what is "good" content is highly subjective.

I might write a long treatise about some subject I'm interested in, but maybe few others are.

Alternatively I might be the first person to post about Hive passing 10,000 Satoshis or the first person to notice Bittrex has listed HIVE-USD pair and only put a screen shot and a few sentences and this might be more useful for more people and thus get more votes.

I know I vote for short posts that inform me of something important I didn't know about, even if the post is quite short.

Sometimes I really don't have time to read long posts so I either vote or not based on a short skim.

Overall, the content is much improved in Hive compared to Steem and with communities its easier to discover content that is interesting to you.

Even more important in my view is the quality and civility of the discourse in comments.
On Facebook, every discussion on a topic where there are marked differences of opinion quickly degenerates into the most appalling, rude, abusive, uncivil and unpleasant online brawl (among people who are supposed to be friends). The Facebook platform deliberately manipulates people to get a reaction and its often a bad one.

The situation on Hive is completely different. One can have a debate with someone with a different opinion in a civilised fashion, because bad behaviour brings downvotes and everybody knows this.

CIVILISED DISCUSSION of sometimes controversial topics is the biggest advantage of Hive over any other platform.


I totally agree.

Also I think it is REALLY HARD to see content right now in general.


Why did the browse tags disappear?? Comparing the amount of posts in a particular community vs a particular tag, the tag has like 95% of the posts in it and the community has the other 5%. So its like 20 to 30 posts in the #informationwar tag for example and 1 post in the informationwar community. The fact that I only can get to see the #informationwar tag or the #politics tag by manually manipulating the end of a link is very annoying.

The community thing seems to not really be taking off compared to using tags, at least for our group and some associated groups I have observed. Most people are using tags NOT communities, and rightly so because its way better and gets more views. But then you all made it way harder on to see tags...

It's very hard to use and difficult to explain (impossible?) to new people.
I've heard it described in various ways, like a sub-reddit for example.
I'd describe it as a clusterfuck.

What the point of having domains like or if you can't find any new content on them unless you subscribe and actively browse "communities"

Bring back hashtags ffs.

I don't think we need to explain to new people, but just point them to the great content.

We don't have to explain to them that they can earn money, how to sign up, etc, but share the content with them.

When we share an article on Linkedin or someone's blog we don't expect them to then sign up and engage every day on those sites. We just want them to see the great content that is there.

The same should be the same here. If they see 10 great shares from peakd maybe they will look into signing up and then you can point them in the right direction.

True, showcasing the examples is pretty effective way to pique the curiosity of the uninitiated.
But is that enough of a differentiator between content that is great being posted on HIVE blockchain vs the easily recognisable (and in my case the easily avoidable) layout and format of a Linkedin post that is also great?

What about explaining communities and how they function though? The communities feature on hive/steem is unwieldy and restrictive. If someone sees 10 great shares from hive/steem, it's not going to be all from content posted in one community? What is the benefit of a community grouping and sorting utility within these hive/steem APIs if only to all for the NFTs and tokenisation of posts made in that community?

I still get confused by the apparent utility of communities. I don't see (or maybe don't understand) the alleged benefits from having them.

i feel that it is on a community to push users to use communities. people use tags because they are used to it for 2,3,4 years and people are creatures of habits.

To specify who is writing this as this is a shared account, @truthforce writing.

It is pretty hard to grow your community when you are placed at the bottom of the rankings. In order to find our community for example, you need to continually scroll down. The odds of someone finding our community is extremely extremely low. We have maybe 20 to 30 posts a day in our tag which is pretty good for being a specific tag that doesn't have huge whale backing(which is another issue that is hard to get around).

Coupled with the fact there is no such things as being able to "browse tags easily" almost nobody manually navigates to to see what is trending in that tag, or in Only the people who understand how to do that are able to do it and that isn't many. Any new users will only see communities and think that is the way things are done and might not even realize what tags are at all and that you can browse through them.

The way that this is currently setup on the front page of and on peakd is that only the big communities have any visibility at all. The way this is countered on such places like Reddit is they take a metric of velocity of upvotes and factor in how many people the subreddit has. For example, a velocity of thousands of people upvoting a post(in a community with 10,000 people) would make it to the Front Page of reddit("ALL" as it is called) if a community upvoted that post within a small time window of 30 minutes. A large community with tens of thousands of upvoters(in a community with 100,000 people)might not get to the Front Page of reddit because their velocity of users upvoting it and how many people upvoted it might not meet the % threshold. This gives smaller communities an actual chance to appear on the Front Page instead of it endlessly being dominated by whoever has the bigger number of upvotes. Which Hive is following the same model of only the biggest voted posts appear on the top... AKA the biggest communities with the most money get bigger.

Is it up to us to get the word out on our community it sure is, but working against so many factors essentially makes this task impossible to be discovered.

EDIT: And I wanted to add to this in that the post that @justineh wrote the title was "what do we want from content" and she used this image.

I agree with the sentiment. What is the point of us posting in the communities we are trying to grow if nobody sees it? If we aren't whales to start with we don't get visibility. Incorporating a secition like "communities you may be interested in based on your viewing habits"

Or something like "tags you may be interested in based on X Y or Z".

Or "you follow this person who frequently posts in X community".

Theres a lot of things that can be done to make this better.


Yes, they should definitely bring back browse tags.

The whole community vs tribe vs tag thing is a bit confusing. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

It would be good for the Hive Community to develop guidelines for this issue.

i don't disagree with you, i was just replaying on the people still use tags of something and not posting to that community. if you have a tag for your community, like informationwar, you should encourage people that post under the tag to post into a community. i seen it on contests that have communities, and almost no one posts in that community.

you will always have someone that is not happy about algorithm that puts stuff on trending and saying that does not mean that this one is good :D it is really bad for content discovery.

but if you want to post in some kind of community and you join it, post with the tag of the community, most probably you like that community and want to be a part of it. maybe i am wrong, i do post conspiracies, not really that controversial...
And you can always make a community that will not censor anyone.

also if a community censor you, you can always reblog it so it is on your blog.

you don't like communities, i have no problem with that :D

I use the community feed on PeakD.
Looks like the Devs that originally made condenser continue with their unhelpful changes.
That is why I switched.
Communities rendered so repulsively that I refused to use it again.

This!! This is our greatest strength and weakness. We're a handful of people who want civility in an environment that's engulfed in flames. The reason FB has the traffic it has is because it pushes people's buttons. We're a boring, non-reactionary/non-inflammatory bunch hanging out on the porch while the kids run out to light fires or watch them burn. We need a CONTAINED garbage fire or septic backup to draw hooligans we can "My Fair Lady" into citizens. 😁