4 years on Hive

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And just like that, it’s been four years on Hive.

(I honestly didn’t think I’d be around this long on a single platform.)


(Here’s the Hive Buzz artwork I received yesterday)

For anyone interested,
here’s a link to my first ever post!
You’ll be glad to know that at least I’m no longer the owner of the worst broadband of all time.

Clearly a lot has changed in four years.

I started with nothing, knowing nothing.
The name of the token then changed.
The community evolved.
I continued to keep my head down and build.
With the help and encouragement from some great people I got involved early on in some really cool promo projects.
(One of those people was @starkerz, who continues to develop to this very day with his awesome video platform @ThreeSpeak and upcoming game @Ragnarok.game 💪🏻)
Amazing to see him work continuing through thick and thin.

Here I am today with a solid amount of a Hive that I never dreamed I would eventually have.

Awesome people

I’ve met some awesome people, both online and in real life, because of Hive. Thanks for sticking by me.

I reckon 2022 is going to be a really positive year for this community.
Let’s keep our heads down, support each other and shout about this amazing place we call home.

Thank you to those who show up every day to make Hive a better place - old and new - you know who you are 😎


Congrats for sticking it out, and $44 on your first post! I got 28c.., but mine was about something sinister creeping around in the attic.

I think it helped if you knew a few people already ;) I made nowt on a lot of early posts.

This is very true

I was quite happy to receive the 28c; some cash for writing anything then was a boon!

You've come a long way :)

I was very lucky to know the Promo-St**m guys back in the day. They had a substantial upvote and encouraged me.
I was thank for for that!
28c… but look at your posts now 🤯
Now that’s you coming a LONG way!

Now that’s you coming a LONG way!

It's too a lot of work. I remember writing my 2nd post holed up in a hotel in South Shields.., I posted and the followers jumped up from 5 to 13 in a few seconds. Talk about excitement.

Little did I know they were bots. The post ended up getting 3 votes totalling $0.00 haha!

Haha! Gutted

good innings ash! Its a pretty interesting place to be.... nowhere else has kept my attention like this, even if I havnt been especially prolific. Theres something about the narrative of this whole space, in relation to the crypto evolution, that is just fascinating. Hopefully we'll get some uk meetups this year!

Cheers man. Great to see you kicking about!
We can’t always be 100% active all the time 😅
That would be exhausting.

You’re right about the exciting narrative of the space. That must be the magic draw. What’s gonna happen next!?

I dunno, hopefully something super exciting that serves as a great ending to the steem/hive takeover documentary, but also leaves us on a tantilising cliffhanger?

Great to have worked with u ash! I still know where to come if I need to be made to look good on screen ;)

Absolutely. You and Dylan gave me a great intro in to blockchain tech!
I look forward to future opportunities 😀
Great to see you still posting your ideas and tech to the next level! 💪🏻

Wow, congratulations buddy. You've really been here for a long time. Hopefully, you will be here the next four years again.

Cheers dude, you’ve been here a pretty similar amount of time though right? Good to see everyone sticking about 😀

Yep, but not up to 4 years. Should be 3 years and few months.

That's cool! It's always fun to hear when people got started, and then think back to what the chain looked like at the time. Early Januar 2018 was quite nice, in many ways 😁

2018 was a super exciting time man!
I enjoyed reading your Hive story, and cool that our paths crossed in London that time

Congrats on 4 years! I'm just on 4 months right now but I hope to make it to 4 years (and more!)


Cheers man, I’m sure you will! Stick at it. The future of blockchain is going to be insane 🤩

You know what - I think you may be right! Bring on the insanity!


Congratulations my friend! 4 years is a lot of time.
I wish you a Happy New Year!

Thanks man!

Happy cakeday, next 4 years are gonna be exciting. :)

Cheers dude, and yes I’m very excited for the next 4 years.
Genuinely anything could happen here, it’s like a soap opera!

Damn, that's a long time!
And look how many people you dragged into it 🥰

Yup I’ve got some good people involved over the years 👀

Congratulations! 😍

Thank you @shanibeer! I hope life is good. I look forward to another Hive meet-up one day.

I missed this post somehow. Amazing that you've been here for 4 years.... Happy 4th birthday!!!

Happy four years anniversary on the hive blockchain. Hoping to see you celebrate 5 years anniversary soon

Thanks man. Four years seems to have gone very slowly! 😆

Wish you all the best, my friend.
Can I ask you a favor; how can I geet upvote service in HIVE; by sending HD or Hive? please let me know if this service is available?

I agree with @steevc here.
I’ve never used an upvote service, or bought anything like that. I honestly wouldn’t know how to, but I know that doing that would generally hurt your reputation here. It’s definitely not the same as St**m.

If you want advice on how to get votes, I’d suggest you post your most honest and valuable work.
What are you good at? Like actually good at?
Write about what YOU care about and soon you will find others in communities that care about what you post about and will want to support you.
Get to know people, engage and things will happen.
You don’t need upvote bots to make a few quick $$$.

Hope that helps

Thanks Ashtv for the advice, and I do agree with both of you.
Best regards

Buying votes is not encouraged on Hive. You need to engage with your followers to earn their support.

So the case is not like steemit, thanks for the info.

Definitely not like St--mit. You can go there and buy votes if you want, but Hive is more honest. I know which I prefer.

BTW Self-voting might be considered selfish too ;) It's not just about personal gain.

Self voting is one of the basic designs of Hive blockchain, I don't agree with you at this point, future more I have been watching posts and how the upvotes are going in thousand of posts.
Many of them don’t have a valuable content and getting hundreds of votes. Thus I believe that there is a baying vote service.
Finally; it was my pleasure to know you as a person with high morals.

Congratulations! Here's to another 4 years

I bet you were not expecting so much drama :) Hive has been quite a trip and I can see it continuing to do well with all the exciting stuff going on. We wouldn't have met without it.

Rock on!


Rock on indeed!
It’s been a rollercoaster indeed.
Been great to see your account building and good things happening 😎

Cheers. I hope to see a lot more growth this year. I keep finding more Brits.


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