A little break away from Hive

in #hive2 years ago

I’ve taken a bit of time off Hive recently.


The last two/three weeks or so I’ve stepped back and had a bit of a break to clear my head. I found myself getting sucked in to the app too much and always being active.
It wasn’t doing me much good generally and I’ve had a few concerns I’m trying to address.

My break had nothing to do with the price crashing either 😂 Just an odd timing 😬

Anyway so, if anyones wondered where I am - I’m still here.
I’m not going anywhere, I’m just taking a bit of time back to assess things 👍🏻

Keep doing your thing and I’ll curate where I can!


Hope you're doing well bro. Take your time, Hive will be here when you return :)

Sometimes you need a break and I hope the concerns are not too bad. It can be addictive though. We'll always be here to welcome you back.

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My break had nothing to do with the price crashing either 😂 Just an odd timing 😬

Hahahahhahahahaha I don't know why but it cracked me up too much lol.

Don't worry, nobody was like "DUDE WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!!!", no pressure, taking some breaks is so important, assessing is good, that's how you/we grow!

Take care!

We all need a break every now and then ( to not break (down)

I was wondering so I decided to check on you. Never knew you took a break. I guess I missed this post.
Anyway, good to know you are trying to get your head up and I hope you come back fully motivated. I had like to see you share more of this kind of photo.

Cheers man. Yeah I’m ok thanks for checking.
I pop in occasionally.
I’ll be back 💪🏻

All right buddy. I hope you have a good valentine's day.

It's all good, man! Breaks are important and everyone deserves time for themselves.

Probably best to no not respond to your post if you want a break lol! Take it easy, we all need to step back sometimes.

Haha nah it’s all good

It happens sometimes. Most time one needs to take a break at times to get ones brain Refresh


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Rest up! Stay well.

Nice picture 📷👍

Sup bro u good?

That's a long break. How's life?

P.S. I can really relate but I just don't manage to take a break from this place ( It's like Hotel California )

Sending you a hug!