Thank you - fundraiser help!

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I recently posted about a fundraiser we needed help with and we got a wonderful response from a couple of epic HIVERS!


So I want to say a thank you to the Hive community and especially @k-banti and @article61 for supporting @radicalpears (although she doesn’t actually use hive much but I do stuff on her behalf!) with her fundraiser efforts for our local care home.

Your generosity is really appreciated and duly noted 😁👊🏻

Brand new Usborne activity books and sets have been ordered with the total amount raised, ready to be supplied to the care home, for the residents to enjoy! They love diversity and these books will be perfect. ❤️

We managed to raise an overall impressive £155 for supplies for the home, and £25 of that came from Hive.
(I put in £25 in GBP from my own PayPal account to the pool, of which £25 is a rounded up number of the total Hive that was generated/transferred/upvoted to this account!)

The Awesome Award goes to the super generous @k-banti who sent 30 Hive which I rounded up to £15.

Here’s proof of his aceness:


The legendary @article61 also sent us 5 HBD which I’ve popped in as £5. More proof: (legend)


The extra £5 I rounded up from what I believe the final post payout would amount to 😁

I’m so chuffed to have had the support from Hive with transfers and upvotes, and to have utilised the blockchain to get stuff done in the real world.

Thank you guys for the support. Have an ace weekend!


I'm glad I could help 🙂. Success with the purchase

Hi @ashtv,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
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Well done @ashtv, I’m sure the residents at the care home will get much entertainment from this fundraiser.

Thank you for your support @article61

You’re more than welcome. Looks like you’ve got some shopping to do 😄 Bravo for raising money for a great cause ❤️

That's a nice one buddy. I believe they are going to appreciate the books and sets that will be given to them and as well gather knowledge from it.