Inertia Deep Faked Me and I liked it!

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It's been a hot second since I've posted and decided to change it up from all the homesteading and gardening to something fun. In a few discords random deepfakes were popping up depicting some of us old timers in various scenarios. @inertia was on an artistic rampage of epic proportions and I was sort of hoping I'd get to be the lucky (or unlucky) honor of getting it DEEP. I was not disappointed in the least. UPDATE, I'm crediting the internet for the deep fakes not Inertia. It's scarier that way.


My eyes are hazel/green but on point as I do like whips, I mean Lasso's of Truth!


Accurate depiction of my true essence, so uncanny valley!!!


The eyecolor and Wonky eye are off but again accurate. Who doesn't love "Married with Children"? Peg Bundy reminds me of Melania Trump, does nothing but lay around and shop and pull up historical trees and destroys sacred things because she can. So Sad



During these times of utter craziness, this SUPER DUPER MOIST DEEP FAKE really takes the gluten free cake!


lol wtf the anime eyes make u look like some chinese woman hah wtff u look sooo asian

asiatic battleaxe farming reindeer and leichin lol

that's meeeeeee, can't help I look like an anime character, story of my life :)


the corporation approves of that deepfake, well played

Pretty cool, AXEY as Wonder Woman


My old fave is where you had the revolver and pirate costume!!

lol, yeahhhh it's sorta like uncanny valley yet interesting , the world is so techy tech

@inertia is so talented he makes our fantasies come true >o<

so true, so true my friend

lol! I am quite amused in a good way.

Nice reading something different like this. Can I get your autograph now please? :P

I'm marketing those, 5 hive each 😎

no, they're mine but if you want to do biz and you know I do voice overs, deep opsec fun stuff times , try to save the world through up for negotiations

I miss a lot of the vibes from the OG Steemians who came here so it's nice to try to adapt here, adaptation is key, did a post on here a couple months ago on that, hope you are well my friend

Aahahahaha! Those are awesome!

Yarrrr, just like you! :)

Dawww. Thanks! 😊

Wow, now that is a deepfake!