The People's Declaration

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It sure looks like there is a lot going on - on Substack. Sadly so, I am unable to publish there due to having old equipment that cannot be upgraded any longer. Or - equally possible - my IP adress is on a list full with people that also dissent from what is going on since 9/11. Yes, there are people that never, ever bought into the official lies, and those are subject to harrassment, visibility filtering, cancellation and much more. The only way to find out if that's the case, would be to peruse one late model computer with latest software and see what happens then.

Anyways, as I still receive updates and newsletters from publishers I am subscribed to, this came in this morning:


This declaration is a match to what I know about the decades long push to disenfrenchise, de-souvereign, de-democratize, de-right humans, to make them sick in any ways possible and to ultimately reduce their numbers drastically.

Here is the link to James Roguski's Substack, from where the "People's Declaration" was pulled:

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You will find more information on his Substack.

Should You be able to do so, please consider donating to my fundraiser. It exists to get back to where I can help physically and with writing - as a Maui resident of seven years, I still am part of its story and want to make myself available to assist Kanaka Maole anywhere they see fit.

ASD Person Asking For Help

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Thank You for Your considerations regarding these two issues.


I am opposed to controlminds of any sort.  Such positions draw psychopaths like feces draw flies.  The power over Others enthralls Them.

You might see why I am so opposed in this piece:

What is missing is the steady progress towards "structural violence". Like You, I am in favor of natural ways over the control of minds, bodies, societies and humanity as a whole. The question must therefor be:
How can we get back common sense - the most important prerequisite to render any such control ineffective? Have we as humanity already crossed the point of no return? We are witnessing the manufacturing of consent for a variety of highly questionable movements. The "WHO" has taken the lead to strip the individual that is part of the silent majority of any recourse to future assaults on liberty and freedom of real choices.

Well...  I suggest that all We need is to get free energy tech out in the open...and awareness of the blueprint I offer.  Free energy makes accounting for the energy We add into Their system (money use, from trade/barter to electronic bits) pointless.  Awareness of the blueprint will assist in bringing Us together to co-create vastly better.

Electrogravitics: Gravity Control & Energy from the Aether (9 min):

The Detailed Blueprint (for a Society of Ethical Sovereigns) (7 min):

And about consent...

I Do Not Consent (article):

An Open Letter to Klaus Schwab (article):

The important part is always to know what the end result of everything will be. That requires understanding and continued studying of the effects any action has. Like Viktor Schauberger said a hundred years ago: "Understand Nature - Copy Nature". As humanity has left the studying of effects behind, it dwells in instant gratification. Effects or consequences of one's actions are ignored, or brushed aside. It would do humanity good to revisit how human life was possible thousands of years ago. Whoever built the pyramids knew more about energy than the average Joe today. Despite an educational system that promises otherwise. I will certainly look at the links You provided. Since my own fancy is energy conversion from motion.

I am well paid in Your attention and consideration! Most humble thanks!

Same here! Even though every voice counts, some are remarkably distinct. Yours is certainly one of them. Although I lack the deeper insight into Nikola Tesla's findings, his discoveries - those we are allowed to know of - are absolutely amazing. Imagine where we could be today without the psychopaths' agents stealing all his revolutionary patents. Ethics are an important part of my philosophy as well. Always good to know that we are not alone.