4 Years Before The Mast

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It's been some of it magic
and some of it tragic
but I had a good life all the way
He Went to Paris Jimmy Buffet 1973

What Were You Doing 4 Years Ago?


I'm glad you asked. It was four years ago today that I got my invite to actually join Steemit. It was the first time I'd ever heard of a blockchain. It's been quite a ride.

January 3, 2018. I'd waited several days for my application to be approved and granted access. Who knew what I'd find?

I bought 50 Steem that day because I believed then as I believe now that skin in the game sharpens your focus and gives you reason to pay attention.

The consequence of that buy is two fold. (1) I never once used the 15 steem from my original delegation and (2) I absolutely topped the all time market for Steem. Over $6.00 USD. I've always been a genius that way.


I've bought some of the coins along the way, all of them for a significantly smaller amount than that first day purchase. When I was entirely moved from Steem to Hive the cost was about $.30 per coin.

Current valuation is about $25,000 which means I'm about 10x to the good. I've never sold any steem or Hive. Maybe I am actually a genius. Certainly better than some of the would be gurus on this chain have done. Jerry Banfield I'm looking right at you 😂


Hive is a truly great place with more potential that any of us know. The community surrounding it has been tested and approved. The Communities within are just wonderful and maybe even miraculous.

It wouldn't be a legitimate post about Hive from me without some bellyaching. There are some changes I'd like to see-sooner rather than later.

1: Be able to only vote for 5 witnesses per account. It's a protection measure. $6 million would be enough to guarantee one account could elect a complete slate of witnesses that would do their bidding. Limiting the number of votes per account would at least make the money required to take over the chain a very significant amount.

2: Shorten the time requirement to be able to vote. Like if you haven't logged in during June you can't vote in July. Logging in once per month is not too much to ask of an informed electorate. I'm not trying to cut out remote stakeholders, or proposing 'one man, one vote'. I just think that any voters should be current with what they are voting on.

3: A 'no harm, no foul' powerdown. My thought would be a once per month 2.5% powerdown that could be done without cancelling curation votes on the entire account. It would allow people to remove some of their earnings each month as an income stream. Would encourage a 'middle class' in Hive in my estimation.

Does that sound like I'm knocking the witnesses? I'm not. Having been involved in the transition from Steem to Hive I KNOW that was nothing short of heroic. These are concerned and involved members that really do work to the good of the chain. They certainly have my thanks and respect. Even the ones I don't agree with.

So it's been 4 years. Some of it magic, some of it tragic but a pretty good life all the way. Thanks for letting me play along.


Congrats Tom, four years is an awesome anniversary to celebrate. I remember what I was doing 4 years ago more or less - looking after a 6 month old and not thinking about blockchain anything lol.

I'm still learning all the ins & outs of Hive and while some of it goes over my head completely, it's posts like yours that urge me to go learn more :)

Have a wonderful Hive anniversary.

Ranger Andy

Happy new year! Sorry bout the bad news whatever they are but overall your post doesn't read too bad. It's good that you haven't lost focus on the small but good things. Hope things will work out for you this year!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Congratulations on hitting the four-year mark! Glad you're still with us! 😃


Reading that you had been on here for four years made me wonder when I joined and seems I joined June 2017 Wow it doesn’t feel that long

I think all your suggestions definitely have some merit

It's hard to believe that we have both been on here just about the same amount of time. I joined back in 2018 too. I got lucky and had an "in" so I didn't have to go through the wait process and they gifted me 15 STEEM to get started or something like that. The rest is history. I know they did implement something where if you were to buy a bunch of Hive and create an account you have to wait before you can vote on witnesses. I think having extra measures in place is not a bad thing though. Interesting ideas you have there. Hopefully they get seen by the right eyes.

Four years!! Congratulations!! I just looked back and remembered JJ and I joined the same day! It has been such a great ride and I love it! ❤

You have some great suggestions, and truthfully a few wouldnt be bad. I hope you are doing well.

I miss you. ❤