Hive is for Luke

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Hive is for Luke too.

More so than @blurt actually because Hive is already a made coin which will hopefully be in the top 100 on CoinMarketCap forever.


I've got to re-connect with the family soon regarding @adept-forever actually.

It was incredible that we were able to discover the keys to the @adept account.

A few weeks after he passed away, we spent 8 hours in a room with the family and others trying to secure any crypto assets, with zero luck.

The last thing we tried was a TeamViewer into his work desktop, which had not been turned off yet and we were able to access the active key in Vessel by pure chance and luck.

The @adept account was worth nearly $250,000 at the time.

It was in the room above where I pitched Steem to Luke and the rest of the meetup folks... the next day Luke sold 30k worth of Ethereum and bought $30k worth of Steem (now @hive).



I can always help you with Nigeria. It is a special market. Only few can know it. The paradigms aren’t in books anywhere. I am discord @surpassinggoogle#1660. Tried to reach you like month or weeks ago but I think you account is private

What a luck !! Finally some relief for the family ?

Wow. Great that the keys were found. I have set up a back up for my family in case I'm not around to my account. It might not be worth much but it surely is important to leave something behind

now Im hungry (:

Good news . Luke was a good man .