Initial Hive Exchange Report

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A lot of hard work has gone into this by many people.

Thanks to all involved: @justineh, @gtg, @netuoso, @blocktrades, @crimsonclad and many others!

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There's more enthusiasm and work done on this than all the other years combined.

@socky would be proud that this is actually happening.

That would be awesome. I use KuCoin.

KuCoin has Simplex integration which allows for the purchase of crypto with fiat.

That would be amazing.

We'll definitely need to coordinate a deposit campaign to get Hive listed. This is a no-brainer.

Great to hear. KuCoin likes to do staking and staking is all the rage in crypto right now so I can't wait for Hive staking on KuCoin to draw in more users and traders.

Nice report.

Interesting approach from KuKoin.
Initially they said they will support HIVE, now they want some deposits first. Also one week only time-frame.

Initially, they said they would support Steem pre-hardfork. Then Steem forked into Hive so I connected with the Listings Manager to tell her the story.

The retail price for a KuCoin listing is big bucks. We will see if this works!

So far there's mixed results as to if Hive users even want KuCoin or not which is crazy because they are an absolute staple in the industry, just shy of Binance in my opinion.

Where do those 80,000 come from?

$80k is how much deposit they are looking for in order to provide Hive with a no-fee listing.

What I meant to ask was where will the community get that $$ from.

Individual users depositing their HIVE to KuCoin.

I think @bitvavo has to be IN as well!!!