Buy or Win some of my WAX NFTs 🤑

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently selling most of my NFTs on the WAX blockchain and found a lot of NFTs worth less than $0.20. Since it would be too annoying to sell all of them, I want to give them to a member of the HIVE family instead.


You probably want to know which NFTs you might get, right? Well, I won't tell you that - it will be a surprise. But I can tell you that it will be over 200 NFTs which have a total suggested price (the price suggest by AtomicHub) of ~ $ 9.70. So most of the NFTs are worth $0.02 - $0.10.

How will I choose the new owner of these NFTs?


  1. If you really want them, then comment with an offer (1 HIVE minimum and only whole numbers like 1; 2; 3... and not something like 1.6 & only in HIVE). For example "I want to buy them and I want to pay 10 HIVE in total". If there is at least one comment like this till the end of the deadline the person with the highest bid will be the "winner" and will receive the NFTs after paying me the mentioned HIVE.
  2. Just comment "I want to get them FREE" and I will choose one person randomly IF no one has made a bid.

Only 1 comment per user! The dead line is 25/10/2023 - 4 p.m. UTC. Whether you try to get them for free or bid is up to you, maybe you'll get lucky and win them for free but it might also be smart to bid a small amount (even 1 HIVE might be enough to defeat everyone who is trying to win for free). You only have to pay me if you win.

Btw: You need a WAX account to participate (obviously 😅).

Good luck everyone 🤞


Great to see you active on Hive again. I'm in a similar boat as you with a handful of WAX NFTs. I'm happy to keep them though as they mostly remind me of random events or projects I was once interested in.

Great to see your comment :) I get your point but I just wanted to clean out my inventory because I had so many NFTs haha But keeping special NFTs is nice too

I want to get them FREE

Good luck 🍀

Congrats, you've won (since you were the only participant 😂) 🥳

What's your WAX address?

Oh, wow, thanks!


Just sent. Congratulations once again!


I want to get them FREE - not sure if I missed the deadline though, I hate UTC conversion LOL 😆

Nice to read from you. I hope you are doing well.


Yes, unfortunately you missed the deadline, sorry 😬 I've just sent you a small consolation prize though 🙂

I am doing fine, it was nice to have more time for non-crypto-related things. Hope you're doing well too