I would delegate RC but not HP

Aye, once the RC delegations will be available we should see a nice boots in user creation :)

Wasn't on my scope yet -> Right now I would rather see hiveonboard as a portal to all those awesome services available right now. @rishi556 suggested https://giftgiver.sit if a user runs into ressource issues.

Not a perfect solution right now, but at a starting point :)

I would also suggest adding links where users can buy more hive without KYC - like binance or

Binance has the most clout and looks the best for brand new users, imo.Plus, with Binance advertising on Brave, it kind of makes sense.....I think it's crucial that we show HIve as trustworthy esp. in the beginning when people are suspicious of anything new.

Adding a section how to acquire HIVE and HBD is on my todo list.
My first priority right now is to deal with those jerks who abuse the system and create spam accounts. Give me a day or two and we have a proper solution.

or (rates are somewhat decent)

Didn't know this one!

excellet idea!

Too late :P Hope you can claim some more accounts thanks to this.