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RE: Hoy me robaron // Today they robbed me

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Sentimos muchísimo lo que te ha pasado. Mi hermano @pgarcgo y yo @gargon vamos a pasarte 250 hives cada uno. Le he contado el caso a varios witnesses y creo que también van a aportar algo. A ver si conseguimos que la comunidad te done los 3100 hives que te han robado.

We are so sorry about what happened to you. Its good now that you are using a laptop that u never used before and changed all the passwords. My brother @pgarcgo and myself @gargon are donating you 250 hives each. Some other witnesses and other friends told me yesterday they are also willing to help you. Let see if the community together is able to give to you the 3100 hives that were stolen.Hopefully with the payout of this post and some donations you get 3100 hives


It's so good to see how the community reacted and that so far she got back ~70% of what was stolen from her. I now sent her 20 HBD too.

@alexaivytorres you did not leak your keys here on Hive or I would have detected it. You likely got phished or your machine compromised. Here you can find some advice on how to keep your device safe in the future:

Take care!

Excellent feedback! thank you, thank you for your support

Que bendición que haya gente solidaria como ustedes. @pgarcgo y @gargon y todos los que han aportado. Dios se los retribuirá.

Gracias eternas!