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So today when I opened up Peakd I noticed an alert at the bottom right of my screen as pictured above.

I had skimmed a post a week or so back about notifications and I wasn't that enthusiastic about it. But, to my delight, having seen it today, I thought it was rather cool.

It was non-intrusive which was my initial fear about notifications and it saved me time checking my wallet.

I realized a couple of years ago on steemit that I was obsessed with checking my wallet. And while it may be fun, it is a huge time suck.

And even worse, if you think about the time I have wasted checking my wallet for tiny fractions of a penny, the juice is not worth the squeeze. I spend way too much time cruising Hive and not being productive regarding my other web properties that actually make me money.

So I'm pretty happy to see the notification pop up and let me claim or personalize my setting right there while I'm hiving. It's a cool little feature for people who spend a lot of time on hive looking for more efficiencies.


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