Instagram Removes CryptoFinally & GirlGoneCrypto x CoinTelegraph

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Yesterday my Instagram account @CryptoFinally, alongside @Coruscate (GirlGoneCrypto) & another woman who we collaborate with, Tech With Catalina, all had our Instagrams permanently disabled and banned. This comes in the wake of the recent Binance influencer awards, and my vocalization of the gender disparity in the blockchain space.

Cointelegraph has covered the situation for you to catch up:


I will be posting a more detailed account of what happened today!

It's moments like these that we must move towards decentralized social platforms like Hive. Thank you all for being the best community, in the best place, where things like this can not happen.

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Sorry to hear. This is part of Facebook's illegal ban on cryptocurrency industry ads dating back to Jan 2018. Numerous Crypto influencers have been deplatformed before. Eg: the mass deplatforming over Christmas 2019.

@jpbliberty's class action lawsuit against this is well advanced in preparation and near filing. You should check it out and join up (its no win no fee).

Legality is irrelevant. This is blatant hostility, and it shows whatbtjeybthink of freedom. We are building alternatives to the corporate world and government money alike. Opposition isn't a surprise.

I'll echo what @apshamilton says you really should look into our class action and if you want to hear about it for a video, let us know!

I have a feeling that with this one you might be able to get your accounts back if we manage to get the attention of the right people. You might want to follow and see if you can get in touch with Casey Newton

There is so much censorship at the moment that it's crazy. It's almost as if these large corporations don't want any competition so are ctting it off at the legs.

Damn that sucks, well all the more reason to use crypto alternatives, power to the people!

That's Facebook for you!

Is it really that bad with instagram and facebook?

I wonder what they're afraid of. So sorry that happened. I am so grateful to @jongolson, @blainjones and Click Track Profit for providing the training around these decentralized social media platforms and all the great people I have met since I have been involved here.

Time for $HIVE

sorry for that but it shouldn't happen on Instagram

She noted that out of 25 award nominees, she is the only female:

I thought Facebook/Insta is all for Gender Equality?

F... Google/IG...they are scared of free systems😉

wtf is that ?

Another nail in Farcebooks coffin. Sorry to hear this.

You have been FaceBukkaked! I'm sorry to hear about this.

Wow. It seems there is still a lot I don't understand about the cryptocurrency world. I really hope to learn alot about it here. You seem really passionate about it.

I don't have words for that, something like that shouldn't happen.

Time to riot?

Also, when you coming to

Like I said, these services should look up who you are before banning you. The only way the haters could think to stop you was to say you were impersonating yourself [basically]. Instagram needs to research, realize that you are who you say you are, and give you the badge. Ban the others on their platform impersonating you. It's so dumb of them not to get this right. And I'm so sorry. I hope you get your accounts back soon.

Did you ever consider they just don’t give a fuck about you?

Calling yourself a "crypto influencer" is fucking hilarious. You're literally nothing more than a pretty face (debatable), paid shill who doesn't even understand half the shit you're paid to spew.