Sad to say, goodbye, Steemit.

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Hello, Hive!

Happy to be here! Cheers to looking forward to the future.

Can someone tell me how to vote for witnesses here?

When I go to it just gives me a few lines of errors. (Okay, got it handled!)

Vote @yabapmatt!

(I sure hope @ginabot comes to Hive)


While is under construction, peakd is the interface that seems the most ready. Their wallet works, however you need to install Hive Keychain manually until Chrome Extensions approves it (same code as Steem Keychain, just pointing to new nodes under a new name so Google has to re-approve it)

Here's a nice article explaining it

I already have Keychain ;) Thanks!

The hive wallet is not yet fully configured. Try PeakD.

Hiiive! I read a recent note from BuildTeam saying they are updating Gina to work on hive. Sounds more than an update though, I think she's getting a full makeover!

Use (Steempeak for Hive) it supports everything. The wallets haven't been finished yet. Peakd is way better anyway.

Awesome, thanks! :)

Had a couple witnesses disabled, gave you a vote :) Not worth much, but it's what I got. lol