Dapplr Content Detail and Comments In Action

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Hello, we hope everyone is well and staying safe at home. In this post we want to share our updates on Content Detail and Comment section. We are finally able to parse the markdown content and we are trying to integrate as much details as possible in the screens which would not only help the users to perform actions easily but also feel connected with the application. The video includes Nested comments, Upvote and Downvote comments, Reblog posts, Sending Gifts / tips, Standalone comments, List and Normal View and a lot more features. We had quite a lot of network latency so API requests took more time. We will let you watch the video now…

Dapplr Cover15.jpg

Frontend Progress -

Features Done -

  1. Parsing and posting nested Comment
  2. Reblog
  3. Sending tips/gift
  4. Standalone comment page.
  5. List View
  6. Normal View
  7. Upvote and Downvote comments.
  8. Avatar and Picture details
  9. Minor fixes.
    You will be able to see all the features in the video.

Design Progress -

  1. List/Normal View in detail
  2. Animation elements.

Back-end Progress -

  1. Chat storage in DB
  2. Brainstorming around notifications and its types.


Content editors are not well supported in mobile devices and there is no support of complex markdown renders in Flutter so we are making changes in the core parser to parse the content from blockchain and show it to the user. We are trying to integrate as much details as possible and we are ensuring the performance of the application. We have overcome most of our issues with the content parsers and other related stuff and now we can focus on building more features around it.

Dapplr Cover14.jpg


  1. Profile Screen
  2. Profile Screen Actions
  3. Different types of views on profile detail page.

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For post adjustment, I suggest using

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Hi @jocieprosza

Thank you for the suggestions.

Thanks for all the hardwork and constant progress update on the app to us, it looks great!


I have a small suggestion though, aesthetics wise because my OCD in me is ticking. I find the upvote and downvote design a little bit similar, probably the design could be better and when the post do not have any upvotes, there is a massive spacing between the 'upvote' and the 'downvote' button. I know that it's supposed to be to show the numbers of upvotes and downvotes if there are, but maybe put them closer and when there are some votes, then they will automatically be separated more apart. If that makes sense?

Also I find the reply button quite similar to the vote buttons. Since the 'reply' button serves as a different function from the votes, maybe design wise, have an outline on the button? So it's easier to not miss it.

Hi @zord189

Thanks for your feedback. We can definitely do that. We just need to find the perfect spacing and it should look elegant.

We will see if adding an outline to reply follow the design language that we are following and how can we make it look beautiful.

Thank you for these productive feedbacks.

why is there even a need for a visible downvote button? instagram etc works perfectly fine without one too, and less toxic on top IMO

Hi @ash

We agree to your point but Instagram doesn't pay any monetary reward on each comment/post. So it became necessary for us to provide an explicit downvote action button. e.g Instagram has their own guidelines and their censorship. And their is no such thing on decentralized content.

Thanks! Keep doing the amazing work! Can't wait to use your app

Great to see so much progress. Keep it up guys; looking forward to testing a beta version soon and I have supported your proposal.

Hi @intrepidphotos

Thank you for your feedback and support.

This app looks so cool. It's ver amazing m

Hi @yonilkar

Thank you for your feedback.

This is looking great guys! Would be great to have the ability to tip comments as well :)

Hi @midlet

Thanks for your feedback. We will think more over it. Currently, we are focusing on having the core functionalities in place.

It just puts a smile on my face to see Hive is going to be blessed with such a sexy App 👌

Hi @joetunex

Thank you so much for your feedback and your continuous support.

You are welcome

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It looks good. Hopefully, it will attract a large new userbase to Hive or change the way we do this on mobile :)

Hi @abitcoinskeptic

Thank you for your feedback.

This looks dope!!!i can't wait!

I can't wait too!

Hi @mistakili

Thank you for your feedback.

I voted, I have high hopes for this project

Hi @alexbalan

Thank you for your support and feedback.