There are actually 11 (+?) ways to wear a hiveline neck gaiter! How many did you know about?

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Since we launched the hiveline earlier this week we've been making little tweaks and changes to improve the site and make sure things were 100% on the back end. A guide is something I wanted to have on the site so I found a generic little diagram and did a bit of doodling.

Ok Pirate is questionable but I'll let it slide because I don't know about your cosplay dreams and who am I to crush those!

Even if you're not interested in pillaging the high seas it's always best to, take that sage advice from the prophets of our generation Wu Tang Clan and...

Next step is to get this diagram u on the hiveline site but I wanted to share because they're my absolute favorite Every Day Carry item (pandemic or not). If you already have one let me know how you wear yours most often!

I'm sure @teamhumble and I will be sharing our photos soon when ours come in. So stoked!

how to wearhivelinelogo.jpg

Get yours here! ->

Be well!
<3 Dayle


Coolness! Looks like you forgot the mustache band in your diagrams here. ;)

Glad to see you and @teamhumble are still working side-by-side.

Mustache band!?! Please illustrate!

Haha I'm not sure what purpose it serves but I like it.

Which also happens to be the requirement for most of the things I work on ;)