Wait, NOW they're saying we need face coverings??! | Welcome to the hiveline.

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Order here! -> https://hiveline.carrd.co/

Call them what you want, neck gaiters, balaclavas, face-masks. I've been wearing one almost daily for about 2 years now, they make an awesome sleeping mask when you're traveling, keep your neck warm, headband (there's like 46 ways to wear one) and now I'm using mine as a a face mask in the rare occasions I head out for supplies.


I really wanted to start with hive shirts, but seeing where we're at in the world at the moment, we thought these would be more appropriate. Of course they are not medical grade PPE, so please don't put yourself in unnecessary risk, but where I am, you're not even admitted into stores or shops unless you have a face covering and gloves.


Pandemic or not, once you start making a neck gaiter a part of your EDC you'll feel naked without it. It's my essential "don't forget your towel" item whenever I'm in nomadic mode.


I'm also considering opening things up for custom orders, so if you've got some art in mind (that you have legal rights to use) let me know and we'll see what we can get done for you.


For this starter round I was really inspired by natural shapes and free flowing patterns. I knew I wanted something bright and vivid. I know tie dye is coming back in a huge way, but I'm personally really into ink bleeds and color washes...


Although a traditional die-dye round could be pretty awesome as well, now that I'm thinking about it.


We understand that for many, funds are pretty tight at the moment. If you'd like to support the things we make please consider giving this post a repost or upvote. -- I'd love to do a giveaway in the near future as well if there's interest.

Grab yours here -> https://hiveline.carrd.co/

I hope you're staying safe wherever you are in the world, reach out to the folks you love and let them know you're thinking of them.

<3 Dayleeo


if we want to purchase this with $hive is that possible?

can't wait to get mine, these are sick, i'm sure people are gonna love em, i might actually have to collect them all and change them each day of the week! :) -- obviously for EDC nightly whays the black one is best. thrive and hive-c are my favs tbh. great job bizey! :)

I'm so glad you like them, time to get some bright colors in for spring too. It was really hard to pick, it's going to be a "gotta catch em all" situation for sure.

What do you think? Tees next? ;)

yeah reckon, tbh, they have so many other little items, guess it's like make up the whole kit, i've even got @everydaycarry so maybe we gotta step up to the plate and make a proper HIVE edc kit! :) -- i mean, if i only knew a girl that made like travel products.. . . ;)